My Unforgettable Christmas at the North Pole

Everyone thinks I'm joking when I say I spent Christmas at the North Pole, but I'm completely serious. My wife and I took our kids to the North Pole in Alaska for the holidays and I've got the photos to prove it. No, we didn't see Santa Claus but we did see some absolutely beautiful landscapes with lots of ice and snow while having the adventure of a lifetime.

We started off in Fairbanks and as soon as we walked outside we realized we weren’t in San Diego anymore! It was -10!!!! The first stop was the North Pole! We stayed overnight at the North Pole Hotel. We got to check out “Santas House” and an awesome ice sculpture exhibit. 

We then drove to Chena Hot Springs and while there we got to visit one of only two real ice bars. It was cool to have an apple martini in a house made of ice! We also got to go into the natural hot springs, where it was -4 outside and hundreds of degrees in the water. When our hair got wet it froze instantly. That night we were woken to the most amazing site, the Northern lights! WOW! It’s hard to put into words but it was simply beautiful. 

The next morning we boarded the winter train to Anchorage. It’s a 12-hour journey through Alaska. It’s majestic! We got to see snowfall at the Alyeska Ski Resort where we celebrated NYE with some Alaskan King Crabs and some good company. Such great memories were made! If you ever want to go to Alaska in the dead of winter, let me know!

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