The 10 Woman Who Helped Shape Me

I'd like to shout out 10 amazing women who helped shape the man I am. These are in no particular order:

1. Sheila Guernsey Lozano - She was my partner in crime everyday until i was 13 years old... and the author of the "don't sweat the small stuff" attitude that im proud to have. I have never had a bigger fan, ever.

2. Christine Turrentine - there were a couple of teachers that made me think i had great things ahead of me, she was def one of them. Love ya!

3. Tiffany Thompson - This is the woman who unknowingly kept me grounded during a time when most guys would be the opposite. She did not expect me to take care of Savannah the way i have and that has been a great motivation to make sure i always do the right thing.

4. Naomi Laney - RIP -- This was a woman i met when i was 14 years old... i was her waiter everyday for almost two years in the senior center she lived in... she encouraged me to be myself publicly... always... i truly wish she could have seen what i did with my life....

5. Diana Laird - This very strong female tested me in many ways... She gave me the opportunity to test my workload limits, stamina, and resilience and more than anything, develop my skill set. I appreciate all the lessons learned from her.

6. Julie Pilat - I think back to the first email i ever sent her and i cant imagine how thirsty and annoying i sounded. She didn't have to write me back but she did in the most thoughtful and humble way. She made me realize that if youre not willing to send an email in favor of your career because you think it will go unanswered, then you'll never have a chance to get a response.

7. Lady White - Ida is my best friends mom that had lots of rules. lots and lots. Thank god she did... She found a way to keep a bunch of trouble bound boys out of trouble... for the most part. ha love ya!

8. Pamela Anderson. - obvious reasons.

9. Savannah - I think its pretty clear that i have no clue what kind of man i would have turned into if this young women wouldn't have come into my life when i was 22. Nothing has been better motivation to be an example for all, than her.

10. Natalie Lozano - if you ask anyone close to me they will also tell you i would be no where without Natalie... thats very common knowledge... She has been there through absolutely everything and i almost feel bad for some of the things she has had to go through because of me.... she is absolutely the strongest woman i know. love you.

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