RIBS - for Father's DAY !!? YES! Here's the recipe.

Father’s DAY RIBS - questions @chefyapo

Use your hands rubbing spice all over the ribs, roast for 2 ½ hours, slather with sauce, then under the broiler for a few minutes and WHA-LA… The best Father’s Day Ribs ever!!!


· 2 to 2.5 lbs. of baby back ribs (or spare ribs)

· 1/3 cup brown sugar

· 2 tbsp salt

· 1 tbsp pepper

· 1 tbsp garlic granulate (or powder)

· 1 tbsp onion granulate (or powder)

· 1 tsp canola oil (or veggie oil)

· Bottle of Dad’s favorite BBQ sauce and beer


· Set oven to 300F.

· Have one long piece of tin foil to fully wrap ribs and sheet pan with sides at the ready.

· Remove ribs from packaging, cut into 3-rib sections, keep them aligned to cook as a full rack and set aside.

· Combine brown sugar, salt, pepper, garlic & onion granulate in a bowl and mix well.

· Lightly drizzle oil over ribs… do not fully cover ribs with oil since they already have a lot of fat.

· Rub spice to completely cover ribs then wrap aligned rack of ribs tightly in single layer of foil.

· Place on sheet pan so any curve in the rack makes a tunnel between ribs and pan.

· Put into oven for 2 ½ hours then remove and rest in foil for 10 minutes.

· Remove ribs from foil over pan. Be careful, hot liquid is at bottom of tin foil so discard safely.

· Return cooked unwrapped ribs to sheet pan, slather tops with BBQ sauce and place under broiler until sauce is bubbling, about 5 minutes… But check after 3 minutes then every 30 seconds so sauce doesn’t burn.

· Serve Dad plate of three “3-rib” sections, roll of paper towels, his favorite beer and wish him a Happy FATHER’S Day!!!

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