WTF: My dad's visit - it was CRAZY. What did IN ONE DAY.

this is the Monday, yes, one day lineup of my dad's visit.

I got got home around Noon....  

He wanted sushi, so went to sushi a little place near my house.  

He thought there wasn't enough tuna in the roll.  

He asked if we could go to target to get underwear since he forgot to bring underwear

(even though he is only here thru today) - 

he didn't like the selection, ended up with no purchase. 

Went to get a massage -- kinda weird lying down with dad getting a massage, but hey... it was a way for me to get a quick nap. He didn't understand the concept of putting his feet into the hot water, but he worked it out and said it was the best massage he had ever had and felt like he was floating.  

-- We left and he wanted to go to Julian to get apple pie, but I reworked that and we went to for a little hike at a nature preserve, and he still wanted apple pie.  So we went and my dad had the LARGEST APPLE PIE I've ever seen.  

Then we stopped into a coffee shop.  Dad wanted a coffee. The guy that was working the counter told him that he didn't drink coffee... so there was an interesting conversation over that. He ended up with high octane MCT coffee ...which lit him UP!

That was just the start... lol, at that point it was only 2:30 in the afternoon!

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