Look! A Mini Reunion!!!

I am so excited I could explode. Not only is Charlie in town this week (and last week) but Tommy and Randy and I were on the mics together again after two and a half years! It felt so good. You have no idea how much I miss The Jeff and Jer Showgram. Emily, Randy, Tommy, Jeff, Jerry and I would laugh our butts off for four hours every weekday morning. It was the best of times. It really was. Seeing Tommy and Randy together was such a joy for me. The Laura Cain After Dark Podcast featuring guest host Randy hits on Tuesday. I put the link to the podcast at the end of this Diary entry. The Laura Cain After Dark Podcast with Little Tommy talking about his story of sobriety hits on Thursday. This is a good week of podcasts, if I do say so myself.

For those of you who ask me "What's everyone on the show doing now?" Here it is: Emily is on The Show on Rock 105.3 in the morning with Eddie, Sky and Thor. Awesomely funny show. I'm so proud of Emily. She's the one who transitioned the best after our layoff at "the station that shall not be named!" Jeff is in Sacramento with Kristin and Mia doing Christian Radio. You can hear him in San Diego on KLOVE 102.1 from 1-6pm every weekday. He has a partner named Randy (who's a chick!) Jerry is still retired but he has tons of projects in the works, as always. He spends a lot of time traveling with Pam, which is something they've always loved. I know he misses radio. It's hard for someone like Jerry, who has so many funny thoughts and ideas, to not have an outlet...ya know what I mean? Tommy is super busy juggling two jobs. He is a producer on 101.5 KGB in the afternoons with Coe Lewis. He helps other shows in the building, too. Then, he works at KUSI booking guests and introducing band on camera. So proud of him. AND, he's a Grandpa of a baby girl, Olivia, who looks just like him! And Randy has the hardest job of all. He is taking care of his elderly parents. It's a full-time job and he's doing it alone. Of course, he has support from his gorgeous wife Debbie and his beautiful 7-year-old daughter Sofia. But, if there is anyone you feel like praying for, it should be Randy. Strongest guy I know right now.

Now, onto the other excitement in my life...CHARLIE CAIN. He's been here for a week and he leaves on Friday, January 17, which is his 20th Birthday. TWENTY! How on God's green earth did that happen! Here is the fantastic "Welcome Home Sign" I spent hours making him before he arrived.

Welcome Home!

This hat, tho. He's definitely an Oregon boy now.

Char's Hat

It looks much better on him. We both have giant heads, so to find a hat that fits is rare!

Char and Me First Day

I can't stop taking pictures of him. He's slightly annoyed but I could care less. Someday he'll appreciate these pics! haha

Oh, make sure you listen to Tuesday's Laura Cain After Dark Podcast (January 14th) because Charlie is a guest host, too. We play a game of Family Feud against Erik and Linda with Randy as the host. But, it turns into a game of Never Have I Ever. I want to learn what Charlie's been up to in college. Linda, Erik and Randy are mortified. Charlie and I just laughed. You have to hear it. Now another picture. Sorry.

On Sunday, we met my mom, Jenny, Joe and Faith at Rosa's Cantina in Temecula. It's halfway between where we live and where they live. We celebrated Christmas and Charlie's upcoming birthday. Evan got tap shoes from Grandma Mary. God help me. She is constantly singing, talking or moving around all day, every day. The tap shoes are going to add a whole new element. On a side note, Evan is rehearsing for a new play where she plays a 50-year-old Scottish woman. She's been training with a Scottish woman on how to speak with that accent. She's already so good at it. But, I digress.

Here are some family pictures I forced everyone to take. I'm the ONLY one who insists on photos. I will be thanked one of these days for documenting our lives! Geez.

This is the only good photo of me and the kids. The rest look like this.

Here are the Hietter girls.

And, the whole dang family. I love them so much!

Two more things I want to talk about. I am on Day 7 of a cleanse. It's called NutriClear Plus 15-Day Metalbolic Cleanse Program from Biotics Research. It consists of two shakes a day and vitamins. Dinner is protein and veggies. No sugar and NO CAFFEINE. I thought I would die. I used to drink coffee in the morning and two or three Diet Red Bulls a day. My kids hated that I drank those things. I was addicted. Every time I drive past a 7-11 I get a tingle and and urge to buy one. But, so far, so good. I'm hungry but I'm determined to stick with it.

I'm going to tell you how much I weighed before I started this. Let me preface this by saying it's the most I've ever weighed. Pants don't fit, arms getting big. No bueno. So here goes....168 lbs. I weighed more than Erik. I weighed myself this morning and i'm 158. My most comfortable, healthy weight is around 150. When I was my skinniest (during the drug days) I weighed 140. So, I just weigh a lot in general. I don't care anymore. It's just a number, right?

One more thing, Antonio. I got to meet his kids for dinner a few weeks ago. Such beautiful kids and such nice kids. I hope they like me.

Antonio and I went to and 80's party at House of Blues Friday night to celebrate our friend, Emily's birthday. The 80's cover band, Beta Maxx was awesome and to top it off, Tiffany performed, too. It was packed!

I love this picture of Antonio and I. No "I love you's" have been exchanged yet, but I think it's coming. I'm not saying it first! We are both stubborn.

Oh, one last thing (this Diary is crazy long.) Evan is going to recreate this photo because everyone says it looks just like her. We're going to put them side by side, I'll post it as soon as we do it. This was 23-24 year old me at Q106!

Have a great week! Love you guys.

See you next week, Diary.

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