Dang, Life Is Precious, Huh?

Dear Diary,

Life is so delicate. The Kobe Bryant story hurts, a lot, especially knowing that his precious daughter is also gone from this earth so suddenly. I can't even imagine what his wife, Vanessa, must be feeling. Numb, disbelief, gut-wrenching sorrow. When I put myself in her shoes for a second, I feel destroyed. It's just so sad. I know this sounds dismissive, especially to those who have lost loved ones suddenly and tragically, but they are in a better place. They really truly are, but that doesn't help us, the living, does it. Just like you, my thoughts and prayers are with that family and those who knew those two souls well. He seemed like the best dad. Gianna seemed like a great daughter. It's just the worst.

Didn't plan on starting out my diary like that, but I had to tell you what's on my mind. I'm sure you feel the same way.

So, I haven't written in awhile. Sorry. It's a combo of too much work and laziness. I have to tell you what Charlie said to me the last minute I saw him before he drove back to Oregon a week ago. We hugged. I told him I loved him and to drive safely and he said "I love you, Mom. Have a nice life." WTH did that kid just say to me? I screamed at him "What are you talking about you brat! How about see you in a few months???!!!!

Truth is, I don't know when I'll see him again. He lives up there now. I'm planning on renting out his room. I just haven't had the heart to take down all his old video posters and Vulfpeck stuff off the walls. I just can't seem to do it. But, I HAVE to. Anyway, here are some pictures of Charlie's last few days in SD.

Yay Charlie
Bye Charlie
Momma and Us

Isn't my mom the cutest!!! Here's one of the horrible examples of a family photo I was trying to take with the kids. I wanted to send out late Christmas/Happy New Years greetings, but nope.

Family shot

Now onto the party where the invitation said "No Gifts, please." Well, Antonio and I stuck to those rules and didn't bring a present. We walk in and there is an entire table filled with gift bags and boxes. It looked like she was having a baby shower! Ugh. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. We had a blast anyway. Omg. Look at the world's cutest tealights which I stole from the party.

cactus tealights

The whole birthday theme was cactus. It was so cute. Amazon, btw. You can get anything on that dang thing! Here's a pic of the traffic chicks. It was Tori's birthday. She's the medium-height pretty one and Melissa is the shorter pretty one.

Traffic chicks

So, I just finished a 15 day cleanse. It was two shakes a day, supplements and a healthy dinner. That kind of thing. I lost 9 lbs, which I needed and I kicked my Red Bull habit. Right before the 15 days was up, Antonio and i went to Rosarito. I cannot go there without having corn tortillas. Impossible. So, here I am blowing my cleanse days before it ended!

rosarito feast

Yes I had some cheese and guac, too. Live life, right?

Evan had a monologue showcase at her school on Saturday night. Those kids are all so talented. I would be so scared to do that in from of an audience. Antonio and I went to their little after party at BJs. I was wearing a fuzzy jacket I bought at Target that day. Antonio kept calling me Ted. I think it's cute.

Fuzzy Jacket

I got the shirt on Instagram for 20 bucks.

This is pretty much how we act in from of Antonio 24/7. How he puts up with us I have no idea.

Ev me and Antonio

I have a question before I sign off. Am I pulling off this outfit? The whole rock n' roll shirt with a long skirt vibe?

Rock n Roll

See you next week, Diary.

Here's a link to the Laura Cain After Dark podcast!!!

Oh, and a link to a song I love from 3 years ago.

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