Dear Diary,

Here's how it went down...not the way he wanted it to go down...but it went down this way, anyway: We were in the parking garage of our hotel in Tijuana (I'll get to that in a minute.) He was playing crusty rock music on his phone while loading two Superbowl helmet pinatas into his truck (I'll get to that in a minute.) I ALMOST said "Look, I love you, but I don't like your music. Please make it stop." But, I stopped myself because I promised myself that I wouldn't say it first. So, I politely asked him "Will you please just say it because I need to say it back right now."

He knew exactly what I was talking about. He said that he was waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect setting and that this dilapidated parking garage in downtown TJ wasn't the place. I said "Just friggin say it already! There isn't going to be a perfect moment." So....

He looked me in the eyes and said, with a slight smirk, "I love you." Phew. Finally! It only took him 6 months. That's OK, though. I already knew. Now, I am free to say "see you later, love you" on phone calls and in person. Finally! I made him take a few selfies for memories sake.


The room we got in TJ was ok. The hotel had it's nice parts and it's not so nice parts. We didn't realize that the really bad parts were right in our room, in and on the bed. We didn't realize that the sheets were yellow and there were two pair of panties under the mattress. Yah, that happened. I'm not going to think about it. Here's a picture of it. I was documenting my Superbowl outfit.


I put a poll on my Instagram story about this outfit. Is it cute? 79% said NO. hahaha.

We brought the helmet pinatas to a party at his friend Hector's house. It was so fun! I am really trying hard to learn all the Spanish I can. It's so cool to have the opportunity to be immersed in it. I love it. Here's the gang. Everyone was rooting for the 49ers. I secretly was rooting for KC. Hector's wife burned the KC helmet pinata at the end of the game. It was so funny.

Party people

I'll tell you all about my weekend in Mexico on Tuesday's Laura Cain After Dark podcast. For now, I'll just show you the pictures from Saturday in Rosarito (that's where the pinatas came from.)

This is an AWESOME long-time listener, Juan, who I met at Las Panchas Carnitas (best corn tortillas in the world.) He recognized me and was nice enough to come up to me and tell me how much the Jeff and Jer Show meant to him. I almost cried!


Then we went to Antonio's old stomping grounds, Papas and Beer, to see his friends. He used to be a bartender there. Oh, the stories he's told me about that time in his life. Dang! There are two stripper poles on one of the bars (the place is HUGE.) No one was there at 1pm, so I decided to try one out. And, yes, that is a bra strapped to a post and yes, there are random panties hanging from the ceiling. Ugh. I've typed the word "panties" three times now. I hate that word!

Pole dance

Saturday night we got kicked out of a club..in TJ! The reason will be on the podcast. Don't worry, it wasn't for being drunk or stupid or anything like that. But still! This was before we tried to get in.

Night out

This is the awesome 8 dollar bracelet Antonio bought for me. He bought one for Evan, too. He calls her Evangelina.


Finally, I THOUGHT I was done with my tile mural of the Mexican Loteria cards. But, no! Come to find out there are 54 of these suckers! Here is what it looks like so far. I don't think I can fit the rest of them!

La Loteria

Ok, listen to Laura Cain After Dark on Tuesday evening to hear the juicy details about this weekend's festivities.

For now, I am signing out, Diary. See you next week!

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