She Got IT!!!

Dear Diary,

I am beaming with pride and joy. My sweet girl, Evan Elisabeth, landed the lead role in her school musical, Frozen. She's Elsa. She worked so hard for this. So hard. I cannot even count the number of times she sang her audition song and her monologue. Countless. She even had a mini-mental breakdown the night before because she didn't think she could hit the high notes (which are crazy high!) I told her "Just stay on tune. You don't HAVE to belt it out." Well, she said that in her audition she decided to go for it and belt the high notes. She hit every one.

She's rehearsing for her current play "Silent Sky" where she plays a 50 year old Scottish woman in the early 1900's. She had to learn to speak in a Scottish accent. A Scottish friend of the family helped her out. How nice, huh?

Silent Sky

Omg, on Thursday night, we had the Laura Cain After Dark Meet and Mingle event at Casa Guadalajara. I thought that maybe one or two people would show up. Look at this crowd!!

Meet and Mingle.

It was 7pm and Antonio wasn't there yet. I asked Linda "Where the heck is Antonio." That's when I looked across the bar/room and I saw a man in a fake mustache and a giant sombrero with a Mexican blanket across his shoulder. OMG.

Javier at Meet And Mingle

Here are a few more pictures from the night, which was so great. Thank you so much for coming out, if you did. We love you.

Meet and Mingle

You have no idea how hard it was to pose with the LCAD balloons. haha. Linda and Erik did such a good job planning everything and getting the gift baskets together. We are having another LCAD Meet and Mingle Event at the end of March, place to be determined.

Seriously, FOMO Joe, aka Kyle Cupid, and Antonio made the night with their costumes. I'm so thankful that Delana, Mary, Tori, Terri, Paul, Jen, Ron, MK and Mireya showed up. So did Antonio's son, which was so nice. We felt so loved and supported.

Speaking of Antonio, he did something nice for me for Valentine's Day. He made me breakfast in bed.

So nice, so delicious. He also bought me a few more La Loteria tiles from Tijuana. He did some nice things for me and I am grateful for that BUT I didn't get a card. That's all I asked for. That's the only thing I wanted. Am I wrong for being bummed that I didn't get a card? Probably.

This weekend, we went to his friends house for a BBQ and we were twinning hardcore.

We bought these fuzzy-lined flannel shirts at Costco around Christmastime. They were 14 bucks. Coziest things ever.

We also went to Mexico on Saturday. It was so crowded heading down to Rosarito, we decided to just make one stop at our favorite restaurant Los Panchos Carnitas. Best corn tortillas on the planet. I could live off those things. This is the owner and, yes, that's his caricature on the building behind us.

Antonio says he wants to drive to Cabo in the near future. WTH? It's 23 hours away or something crazy like that. It would probably be fun on the way there. I mean, I love to look at stuff when other people drive. I'm sure the Mexican countryside is beautiful. But, headed back to SD would be brutal. I've never been to Cabo. He used to live there.

So, this weekend, Antonio was drinking beer. No big deal. I don't care if he drinks in front of me. I have no desire to drink. The only reason I took a picture of what he was drinking is because my dad drank the same exact beer. And, that's what I was for Halloween when I was 8...a Coors beer can. I made the costume myself. I think this is some of my best work!

Speaking of Coors/beer/alcohol, I will be celebrating 13 years of sobriety on March 7! I cannot even believe that it's been that long. This day is even bigger than my birthday. I'll wax poetic about it when it gets closer.

I'm at work this morning filling in for someone who has the day off. I am kind of sick with a cold and a cough. And, I am hoarse. Not a good sound for someone who has to do numerous traffic reports. But, I am grateful to be working. ABG. Always Be Grateful. Did I just make that up? haha.

I attached a link to Laura Cain After Dark so you can check it out if you haven't already. Oh, and here's our latest promo pic. I love this!

Have an excellent week. See you next week, Diary.

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