Ryan Reynolds Makes Virtual Visit To SickKids Hospital

Ryan Reynolds brought his (virtual) presence to the Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

After being invited by Fern, SickKids' therapeutic clown, the Deadpool actor, 43, worked with the facility to visit the SickKids patients through a television show broadcast via CCTV, which is available in all the rooms in the hospital. Reynolds partook in a Q&A during the appearance, which saw him speak about a variety of topics, including his favorite food and, of course, Pikachu.

"If I could just have a big, large, thin-crust pizza, that is my favorite food," he explained to one fan. "If I was stuck on a desert island and could only eat one food it would be a big, thin-crust pizza."

Asked about his favorite title in his filmography, Reynolds said "had a few," but decided to shout out one in particular. "I really love Detective: Pikachu … partly because my kids love it," he told a fan. "I have three daughters, and two of them are old enough now to watch it, and they love it so much."

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Photo: Getty Images