I Did Something I Said I Wouldn’t

It happens often. I say, “I won’t do that. I’m not even into it.” Then I eat my words. Last night my youngest told me that a dance he saw on Tik Tok looked hard. I told him, “nah, it’s super easy! Wanna try?”

I was surprised he wanted to and we had the most fun ever doing it!

This is the #blindinglightschallenge and it took us 30-40 minutes to get it to THIS POINT and the entire time we did it, we laughed, sweat, and enjoyed ourselves. If this is what Tik Tok is like with my kiddo, then I AM INTO IT!

I tried to do some videos SOLO when I first signed up and my oldest son told me it was “cringe-y”. I agreed, but left it up. Go see about me.


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