A Letter To 30 yr old Tati From Tati Today

Tati turned the big 4 0 and Jesse asked if she would write a letter to herself when she was 30. The letter was read LIVE on Star 94.1 and it went a little something like this.

Dear Tati,

You’re going to be so proud of yourself for trapping your amazing husband with that third beautiful baby. You’ll see. God blessed us. Don’t worry about your job! You have so many amazing angels watching over you and people you may have never known who knew of you and your light, will seek it. That house that you bought will help you get out of a huge hole and will be filled with fun memories rather than the fixer upper nightmare you think it is. You are going to go clear across the country and you’ll be able to FINALLY understand the pain your son feels and many AMERICANS who look like him. You will feel what acceptance really is. This next part is the most important part. Ease up sometimes. Everything works itself out. GOD GOT YOU! REMEMBER “HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS” and as long as you keep moving with your heart, YOU ARE HOME, and you can be that for other “IMMIGRANTS”.

I read that letter and almost cried at different parts of it. I celebrated my 40th without a party and without popping bottles, but I got something better...LOVE. Thank you to every one, especially Marvin, for making my day special. I’m still excited for this next year and the next 10!

40 Tati

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