I Am So Confused

Dear Diary,

What is going on? Seriously. I am questioning everything. Is this Corona Virus still a major thing? Are masks still a must? What about the 6 feet apart thing? On Saturday night, Evan, Erik, Adrian, Linda and I went to see a movie downtown...the only theater open. It's the Theater Box connected to the cool place called The Sugar Factory. They sold us the seats with two seats in between each of us empty. Ok, no problem. This is what we looked like walking to the theater.

Well, lemme tell you we looked like dorks because NO ONE was wearing a mask in the Gaslamp. Lots of restaurants and clubs were open, people eating in crowded places, long lines at the bars and no masks to be seen! I was shocked.

The movie we saw was horrendous at first, but kinda cool at the end. It's called The Hunt. We had limited choices. Here's what Linda looked like thru the whole movie.

And, this was her part of her birthday celebration, which was actually on June 6th. By the end of the movie we looked like this.

Evan is the only responsible one.

Speaking of Evan, we did a fun project last week. We bought a tie dye kit from Michaels (open, but masks required) and dyed a whole bunch of stuff. So fun.

I was feeling so cool about this project, that I decided to try reverse tie dye. You just use bleach. I bought a 10 dollar dress from Walmart and made it into this. Do you think it's cute or hideous? I go back and forth.

Now I am addicted. I can't wait to go back to Walmart to get more stuff to ruin. haha.

Oh my gosh, the worst thing happened to Antonio....well. I may be exaggerating, but maybe not. He was in dire need of a haircut. Finally, his sweet daughter, who was in town for a few weeks, said "Dad, I can totally cut it for you." Great, we all said. As I was filming the first cut, I asked her "Have you ever cut hair before." She nodded her head NO!! But, it was too late. Here is that moment.

Here is the after. Oh no.

Ok, that isn't the worst part. She ended up cutting that little tuft of hair in the front. Oh gosh. It looks like he just got out of prison. Poor guy. But, he doesn't really care. Hair grows back. At least he has hair!

Last week, I wasn't feeling ok. This past few days have been good. I am just trying to count my blessings and get into some sort of routine. But, what did I do this morning to fulfill this new structure? I slept in until 10:30am. Ugh. I just couldn't wake up! So, Monday is not off to the best start. I hope and pray that we all get to return to work. I like it so much better than being home. I feel so much more productive. I also MUST work out. This picture was taken exactly a year ago. It popped up in my Facebook memories. It was the last time I worked out.

I liked that person a whole lot better. And, I haven't been to a meeting in weeks. I had a dream last night that I was drunk. It scared the crap out of me. Thank God it was just a dream. But, I am not naive when it comes to this. A glass of wine could easily end up in my hand if I don't do what needs to be done. Writing all this down sure helps me though, so thanks for going through this with me. This too shall pass (can't say that enough.)

See you next week, Diary.

I leave you with a mellow song. But, it kind of reflects my mood. It's my fav song from my fav guy Sting.

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