Turning 16 in Quarantine!

Dear Diary,

I am exhausted from Evan's various birthday events over the weekend. First, let me say it was AWESOME! Everything was a hit. She will never forget this birthday for as long as she ives. We did it up as best we could considering the circumstances. Let me start at the beginning of June 25th...

I woke up with Antonio at 3:45am. That's when he gets up for work. He sleeps in his room and I sleep in my room when Evan is home with us. It feels like the right thing to do. Anyway, he woke me up, we had some coffee and I started in on Ev' birthday balloon extravaganza. I ordered a balloon kit complete with a balloon arch. I bought a helium tank and everything. Antonio started blowing up the happy birthday letters and "POP!" there goes the "R." Then a few minutes later...POP...there goes the "A." Those were our only casualties. So I managed to create a lame balloon arch, not like the picture, but it worked. Evan was super surprised when she came down the stair and saw this.

Would you believe that this took me 2 and a half hours to make. haha. The helium ran out so the whole balloon arch is made from my breath. I was so dizzy. So that was the start of her big day. She left early because this was her dad's year to have her on her birthday.

Much to my surprise and delight, we were invited to Dave and Claudia's house for Ev' surprise birthday party. They planned this whole big birthday blow-out, All her friends showed up in masks and they couldn't hug each other, but she cried just seeing everyone. We showed up after my work. She was so happy to see us. I can't really explain what this picture means to me. I guess growth, forgiveness, time, love.

Here are a few more pics from her excellent party.

So that was Thursday, her actual birthday. On Friday, we celebrated with my crew: Erik, Linda, Adrian and Antonio. We went to Tio Leo's which obviously was open, but we had to wear masks when we got up from the table or waited near the host stand. When we sat down to eat, they let us take off our masks. It felt so good to be somewhat normal.

The Tio Leo's on Mission Gorge is where I met Antonio on August 16th 2019. Linda and Adrian wanted me to meet them for dinner after work, so I went, even though I wasn't feeling it. I had just ended things with the 43 year old and I was in a bummed out mood. Anyway, we sat in the bar area for some reason (none of us drink). I wanted to take some fun jumping pictures (don't ask me why.) So, I went up to a guy sitting at the bar and tapped him on the shoulder, "Excuse me, will you take a picture for us." That person was Antonio! We recreated the moment on Friday. hahaha

And, the jump, too!

What a great night. Then Saturday, Evan went to her friend's house to swim and on Sunday my mom, sister and niece came down to celebrate. I sprayed myself and my house down and started to put on a mask when I heard the knock at the door. My mom said "Oh, put that thing away." So for the first time in months, I got to hug my momma. It meant the world to me. I know, I might get hate for this, but it was her choice. Antonio cooked us nachos and enchiladas for dinner. Oh, it was the first time my family has ever met him!!! Oh boy, he made THE BEST impression.

I bought one of those ring light tripods from that website Wish, for like 22 bucks. That's how we took this picture!

My sis, Jenny, and I played with the ring light, too. Do you even see any difference?

Here's my sweet Momma.

And, yes, we all watched the new episode of 90 Day Fiance....the whole two hours. I got them hooked on it. Haha.

So, THAT was how my little lady was celebrated this year. She sure deserves it.

Now, onto my project that I've been working on for a week. I found a few cute patches at Walmart and thought it would be fun to sew them onto an old, big jean jacket. So, Ev and I stormed into Amvets because we only had 5 mins to spare. I found this cool jacket from Zara, It was 2 bucks! I went ahead and ordered a bunch of patches from Amazon, too. Ladies and gentleman, here are the before and after pics:

And, I made it into this:

I left some room for more patches as you can see. Do you like it??

I should probably wrap this up. I will leave you with the cutest pic of Antonio and I with his parents. This was on Father's Day.

See you next week, Diary. I've ended this with a song of Evan's choice. She loves Hamilton and it comes out in movie form on July 3rd!!

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