Turtle Gone Rogue

Dear Diary,

My turtle, whose name is Mog (which rhymes with rogue) is in big trouble. The little brat went for a walk in our backyard, escaped and had a night out on the town in Hillcrest.

I took him out on the Fourth of July for a little freedom walk. I went inside to do something and came back to an empty patio. I thought all the holes under the fence had been plugged. Antonio and I searched and searched all day. We went up and down the street, we knocked on our neighbors doors, I put out an alert on my neighborhood watch app. We searched the whole house. Nothing. So, we tried to celebrate the Fourth but it was kind of melancholy because my turtle was gone. I went to bed so worried. He's a water turtle and needs to be in water part of the time to survive. I was losing hope.

We woke up on Sunday morning to a knock on the door. When we opened it there was a red cooler at our doorstep with Mog hiding in the corner!

Turns out he was chillin in our neighbors yard all night. I didn't realize how much I loved that little punk until he was gone. Turtles don't really show affection and you can't cuddle with them, but that little sneak knows where to squeeze through to escape, We went to Home Depot to buy a fence to keep him from crawling into the back patio. Didn't work. He climbed right over it. Smart little sucker.

I read that turtles can see colors and shapes and figures and they can smell. Their hearing isn't great but they can recognize their owners. He loves Antonio and always swims to the edge of the tank to look at him. That's probably way more than you ever wanted to know about a turtle.

So, the Fourth was pretty nice. Evan went to a friends house to swim and have fun. On the way back from dropping her off, we stopped into Home Goods. Antonio has never been inside that retail wonderland. The minute we walked in he was in heaven. It felt good being able to shop like normal again. While Antonio was browsing the kitchen section (which I always skip) I went to the frame section where I became inspired. I took pictures so i'd remember these phrases.

And, for some reason this one really resonated with me.

We spent the Fourth making sashimi on our front porch and listening to music by the fire pit. Our neighbors brought us some sparklers. Sparklers these days don't have metal handles, just wood. That's not ok. But, we had fun anyway.

On Thursday night, we spent the night at Sycuan. We got a room at the last minute because we both had Friday off! Oh man, I love that place. It's just so dang fun. We had to do a photo shoot in the cool room we got. Antonio's idea, not mine. He wanted to be artsy. Here is his work. haha

Um, look at this shower! You could fit 10 people in there!

Then, we went gambling, penny slot style. Antonio hit big! The little man on the machine kept dancing and throwing coins. Look how much he won!

Then, my winnings...

We woke up super early and hit the pool. We were the second and third people to arrive that morning. So, as you will see, we had the lazy river all to ourselves because it was 9 in the morning! haha

It was glorious. However, Antonio's expression when I put on my swimsuit was not so wonderful. First, (and I hesitate to post this, but we are all friends, right?) here is my new suit from Shein.

And, now his reaction. No joke.

Oh well, I still love him eventho he's a brat like his BFF, the Mog.

See you next week, Diary.

Here's my favorite song of the week.

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