Who Knew I Would Enjoy Golf!

This was WAY MORE FUN then I thought it would be. I am NOT going to lie, I am not the biggest "golf" fan. Small part of that is my lack of knowledge on the game and I just don't hear people like me often say, "let's play golf". Maybe that is a big part too.

Still, I am all about helping the youth and when Jesse Lozano and I started working together in August of 2019, I was able to see the faces of the kids that received much needed equipment, jerseys, support for their sport/team and I was on board! I told myself, I am less concerned with my feelings about a sport and the charity event world and more concerned about WHO IT HELPS!

Let me say this, I have never golfed in my entire life, aside from mini golf, and not only was it fun to keep trying to hit this ball and not look like Charles Barkley doing it, the extra added gimmicks/features on more than a few holes kept the mood playful! I have yet to post videos of my swing... and I will.

Thank you One More Win for allowing me to play and be part of an amazing event! Until next year, I may take Shelly Brown up on some practice swings in National City, or even Pablo Sato's Top Golf invites.

I cannot wait until High School sports is safely back in full swing for our kids and the magic OMW does for a San Diego team.

One More Win Charity Golf Tournament

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