Things Just Got %$#^&*% Real!!!

Dear Diary,

I got a phone call that scared the you-know-what out of me. It was Charlie. He was all stuffed up and coughing. He told me that he had just taken his third day off work and that he was headed to the clinic to get tested for Covid. His girlfriend, Maia, was also getting tested. It hit me then just how serious and scary this is. Don't get me wrong, I was always super cautious and spooked by it, but when it hit this close to home...dang. Thank the good Lord, he and Maia tested negative.

The two of them just celebrated a year together. Charlie had a pic of their hands with rings on THOSE fingers. I just about spit out my coffee. He assured me that they are just love and trust rings and that they don't plan on getting married any time soon. I hope that means 10 years from now. They are also moving in together and finishing up University or Oregon together. He has two more years. I can't even express how proud of that boy I am. He's managed to keep himself in school, pay his rent and his bills without the help of his parents. The kid is truly amazing. I could cry.

Thank goodness for Facetime...or Duo.

My other baby, Evan Elisabeth, continues to amaze me, too. In the midst of turmoil (I can't get into it) and this school years changing so much, she has remained strong and positive. I just love that girl.

We could hang out all day, which we did on Sunday. That's where we encountered "The Hilton Debacle." I called what I thought was the Hilton near the Convention Center and asked if their pool area was open and if we could pay to park and then use the pool. The guy couldn't have been nicer. "Yes, of course you can. We just ask that you put your mask on when not in the pool." Okay. So here we are, so full of promise, heading out to swim in a cool pool.

When we entered the parking lot, there were no cars at all. That should've been our first clue. We walked around to the pool area and it was locked. Not only was it locked, there was not one person in the pool or on the chairs. I told her that we were going to the front desk to figure this out. After trying a couple of doors (road blocks) we found the main entrance. "Sorry, but this location is temporarily closed." What?

Meantime, the parking ticket is getting more and more expensive as time passes. I decided to take advantage of the huge empty parking structure to let Evan drive for awhile. That was actually really fun. Then we got to the parking gate. The security guard said it wouldn't cost us anything since we weren't even there a full hour. I inserted my ticket and BOOM up pops $11. I called for the guard, who pushed this button and a parking person answered. I told her my dilemma and she said "What do you want me to do about it? My hands are parked, you have to pay. Period." She was so salty and rude that I cussed her out and hung up. Then after trying to pay about 10 times, I call again. Meantime, Evan is freaking out and filming the whole thing. I explained what was going on and magically the gate arm lifted up. Why all this drama?

Turns out, I had called the Gaslamp Hilton (who knew?) I was hell-bent on getting our bodies into a pool, so we drove, parked, made sure we could use the pool and look! Success!

Ugh, I look so gross when wet. Anyway, we had about 30 minutes of fun, paid our 10 dollar parking fee and left. It was a great, memorable Sunday adventure.

On another note, we have a new member of the family. His name is Sanchez.

He's a Serrano Pepper plant I bought for Javier because he uses those so often. I also bought him a lime tree (Lorenzo) too that won't be bearing fruit until next year. He loves limes with his beer. Here's Javier covered in one eighth of his Hot Wheel in hand, of course. Don't worry. It doesn't make me want to drink at all. I hate beer. So, that's good.

He looks wasted, but he's not. By they way, next Monday is his birthday. I will write all sorts of things about this man next week. I sure do love this dude.

Something cool is happening on Thursday. Me and Emily, formerly of the Jeff and Jer Show and now part of the Show on Rock 105.3, are going to be on Tommy's new TV show called "On air San Diego with Sully and Tommy" I think. It airs on the 22nd, I believe. Anyway, I had to send the producer a bunch of interesting photos of me from my radio past, or whatever. So, I dug up my various celeb photos. Want to see them? we go...

Jared Leto at the Oscars 2014.

Jack Nicholson, Oscars 2013.

Bret Michaels when he came into our studio at KYXY.

Jonah Hill...Oscars, not sure which year.

Jon Hamm looking thrilled to be in a selfie with me at the Emmys.

Steven Tyler from a benefit I was invited to in La Jolla years ago.

Me and Tommy's BFF Anita with Leo D...barely in the picture. Oscars. 2014 I think.

Kevin Spacey.

And, my prized possession, Sting, with my sister at Q106 in 1994! I got to interview him and it was the worst interview ever. I was so nervous, I have never heard the interview back. I am too scarred from the experience, haha.

Ok, I will leave you with one of me and Evan's favorite places to eat. A quirky restaurant in hotel circle called Bunz. Thank you Jen Potter for the recommendation.

Here's my favorite Sting song and a link to my podcast:)

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