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Dear Diary,

Yesterday and today are significant days. On Sunday, Antonio and I marked one year of meeting each other. We argued between ourselves and with others "Should the 16th be our anniversary or should we wait until we made if official, in like, late September. We were still kind of seeing other people at the time so we weren't exclusive for at least a month, but it all started the moment I tapped on his shoulder.

We were at the bar area at Tio Leos (not even sure why because Linda, Adrian and I don't drink) and we were sitting in a booth. I wanted to take some fun jumping photos...a burst. I needed someone to take the picture. There was a man sitting at the bar, alone. I told the gang "I'm going to ask that guy." So, I went up to him "Excuse me, would you take a picture of me and my friends?" He answered me "Sure, Barbie. But, we need to take a photo of us first." Okay, the guy's got a little game...So, here is our very first picture from the very moment we met.

So, long story short, we decided to make the 16th our anniversary. His birthday is today!!! So, this will be an epic weekend in the future.

Antonio is a big flirt, he loves all people and he has a heart of gold. Together we make pennies compared to other chapters of my life, but I've never felt more myself than with this man. He is the least judgmental person on the planet. There is nothing I can do that will make him think less of me. He gives people gifts all the time. He'll see someone begging for food and give them water or money. He'll even go back home to get something to them if he doesn't have anything with him. I've seen him give away money, Hot Wheels, peanuts, water, beer. a football, name it. He brings used closed to TJ to help poor families with kids. He is always thinking about others.

Antonio is very clean, so organized and he's a scrapbooker. I'm not even joking. He writes down what he does and eats every day just to document his life. I used to do that, too. Makes me want to keep a journal again. He loves having his own room in this house. It is filled with his Hot Wheel collection and his mini-guitar collection and new shelves and a new closet. He's a kid at heart and I love that. Yet, when I need it, he gives me genuine, honest advice. And, his support for me and my career is so big.

The most important thing here is that Evan loves him. She feels 100% comfortable and secure with him in this house. They have a cute, funny relationship. He calls her "munchkin." He gives her an allowance every Tuesday, but she has to ask for it or she doesn't get it. haha.

He loves being in the kitchen (my least favorite place.) He has reorganized all my shelves, he cooks almost every night and he usually does the dishes. He even does his own laundry. His parents are awesome and so are his friends that I've met this year. They all say the same thing about Antonio.."He's the best guy I know. He's the best friend I've ever had. He's the most trustworthy person." Stuff like that.

I mean, c'mon, how lucky am I? Yes, he drinks...a lot...but I can deal with it. He supports my sobriety and would never ever let me drink. Sometimes, I wish he didn't imbibe so much, but I guess that's something we need to work on.

I have picked out pictures from our months together.

This was our first official date. It happened a few weeks after I met him. We kissed that night. It wasn't very good, but I decided it was worth working on. hahahahaha.

The third time I saw him was on his friend's boat. When I got there he was wasted, so was his friend. This was the point that I thought, "This isn't going to work." So, I told him I no longer wanted to see him.

That lasted four days.I had some restaurant gift cards to use up, so I bit the bullet and asked him if he wanted to go to Nicky Rottens with me..on me.

Then, I had an Applebees gift card we used two days later. I'm starting to like this funny, interesting guy. But, is he ever going to pay for a meal? haha

Then, he took me to Lenny Kravitz. So fun

He asked me at that point if I wanted to go to San Felipe with him. I hadn't been there since college days. So, that was our first official trip. It was the best!

Then, we spent Halloween at his place in Tijuana.

I brought him to my first work function, the Star 94.1 Pick a Purse Party at Sycuan.

At this point I'm thinking "This guys has got to be so impressed by me." Nope. Doesn't even phase him. The sweetest listeners came up to me and said the nicest things to me right in front of him. He still isn't impressed. haha

I took him to Wonderfront. He was loving it. I was carsick from the Uber ride, so he whips out his fake mustache to make me laugh. Who keeps a supply of fake mustaches? He does.

We brought in the New Year together.

He finally told me "I love you" on Super Bowl Sunday. It was slightly coerced by me, though. He's told me those three words maybe a handful of times since. He is just the kind of person who doesn't bust it out all the time. He saves it for when he's really feeling it. I respect that.

Oscar night with the crew,

We celebrated my 13 year sober birthday together, eventhough he had a drink. I gave him a good talking to after that. He apologized.

San Felipe trip two...right before Covid lockdown.

Quarantined together

My birthday!

Evan's Sweet 16.

In June, his adorable and lovely parents came over for dinner. They have become two of my fav people.

July Fourth

Finally, his birthday weekend. I made that ballon arch from stuff from The Dollar Tree! He has taught me how to do so much with less.

Every day at work is a great day, life is beautiful, don't stress, mellow out and enjoy life. Thats what I've learned from this man.

Happy Birthday Javi...I mean, Antonio. I love you so much.

See you next week, Diary. I leave you with one of his favorite songs. Evan and I always sing "shoot it shoot it now" and laugh. He' s a rocker who likes Nickelback. No comment.

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