Sundays Are The Best!

Dear Diary,

I apologize for not checking in with you last week. I kind of have a lot going on these days. I can't explain to you what is happening because it will hurt another individual. Let me just say it's scary and sad and the kids are affected. Thanks to Linda and her generosity, I m flying up to see Charlie the middle of September. I am so excited to spend just mom and son time together. And, I finally get to meet his girlfriend!

Ok, now onto why Sunday's are the best. Two Sunday's ago, Ev and I went up to my mom's house. We've been doing this off and on for the last six months. We drive up, eat her delicious rice and meat (my favorite dish of all time) and then we cozy up and watch 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? It's our favorite thing ever! Angela is our favorite because she freaks out on her dude, Michael, every single episode. Plus, she sticks her keys and two packs of cigs in each bra cup. It's so funny. Then after the show we drive all the way home from Rancho Cucamonga. We don't get to hug and kiss momma, but we get to love her from six feet away. At least we have that.

This Sunday, Antonio and I went to Mexico to grab some of his stuff from his place down there. Yah, I know, what am I doing down in Mexico? Let me just tell you that they are even stricter down there about masks and such. You can't even go on the least we couldn't. We took a scenic drive past Rosarito to a place called La Fonda, where we found an abandoned pool! I had to get in it. I am fascinated by run down abandoned buildings and stuff like that. And, I love to sneak into them.

Then we had some lunch and kicked back on the pretty.

So, the last few Sundays have been fun.

On Saturday night, Antonio and I went on a Hornblower Dinner Cruise. It was his late birthday present. He once told me that his perfect San Diego day would be to go on a harbor cruise with the warm wind blowing and stuff like that. So, I surprised him.

The dinner was great, the service was spot on, the boat was huge, the views were outstanding. We all had to eat on the top deck of the boat, six feet apart, because of this dang Covid thing. The interior of the giant boat was empty, They did a really good job making sure everyone was safe. The only thing I would recommend is to bring a jacket not matter how hot it is during the day, you will get cold on the boat in the evening. Thank goodness they sold blankets on board. I am such a wuss. I get cold so fast!

Oh, now I need to show you my very favorite thing in the whole wide world right now. It's my handing macrame chair I bought from Amazon. Antonio hooked it up for me and now you can't get me out of it. It's THE most relaxing swinging chair ever. I bought the pillow from Walmart. 5 bucks.

My other new favorite things are the canvas prints I ordered for super cheap off a website called Easy Canvas Prints...something like that. I made huge pictures of my babies when they were 6 month snd 4 years old, and 4 years old and 8 years old.

Now look at Evan! She's all grown up. She and her friends pretended to be The Plastics from Mean Girls. Evan, the nicest of the sweetest, is Regina George, the meanest of the worst! That's one of her dream roles.

One more thing, do you ever get all dolled up for no reason whatsoever? I do sometimes. A few weekends ago, I put on fake eyelashes and a tight dress with those booty shorts...the ones with the pads that make your butt look bigger. What do you think? haha

You can't even really tell, but Antonio made sure to tell everyone, even strangers, that I had butt pads on...that brat!

Oh, one more thing, a listener emailed me a photo that is still on's main page. What??? They must not have gotten the memo. Plus, that picture is like, 8 years old, I think. haha

I will leave you with a song that Charlie loves from a band he loves called Vulfpeck. And, a link to my podcast.

I will see you next week, Diary!

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