Let's Go To San Felipe!!

Dear Diary,

Instead of staying here and stressing about things I have no control over, Javier said last week "Let's go to San Felipe for the weekend?" I jumped at the chance because I needed to feel that warm water on my body, that soft sand in between my toes. Besides my patio and my swing chair, San Felipe is my happy place. It brings back memories of when we first went there together. We had been dating a few weeks at that point. I booked a room through one of those websites, which I will never do again, and our beautiful room right on the beach ended up costing us (him) $500. We didn't do that this time!

He thought is was a fine idea to head to the town, five hours away from the border, and just "grab" a hotel room when we get there. Of course, I freaked out at first, but then, I just sat back and thought "It is what it is. We will find something."

I made a short documentary about the trip so Evan can magically edit the whole thing together, so I didn't take a whole lot of still photos...but I managed to bust out a few.

We rejoiced when we saw this sign because we weren't sure we were going in the right direction.

Hotel Costa Azul is where we wanted to stay because it's on the beach and next to the town. Perfect. Luckily, there was one room left on the third floor. The minute we got the key (real metal key attached to a key ring) we jammed up there and got out swim gear on.

That's the view from outside our door. The hotel itself is very rustic, and by rustic, I mean old and rundown. But, it works in San Felipe. All you do in the room is sleep and shower...ya know.

I found the coolest fringe shirt coverup in my closet. I forgot I had it. I love this thing...

It hides just enough. haha.

After our swim in the glorious ocean, we walked around the town. Before entering the main drag, we had our temps taken and masks issued and hand sanitizer squirts in our hands. These people are not joking around, which I loved!

We went to this bar where we met a cool guy named Jorge a year ago. We were so excited to see him. As we walked up to the dark bar, we realized it was all shuttered up. Sad. So, we ate somewhere else.

Next morning, we went swimming again and shopping again. After our floating session, Javier traded two beers for our floaties. We handed them to these four kids who went nuts! Then, it was time to go. Short but very sweet and much needed. And, we were very careful and followed protocol.

On another note, Antonio put down some pavers in a dirt spot in my happy place. Check this out.

Doesn't it look so cool? Here's what it looks like now...at night.

Last week, Evan started school. She seems to be among the last to start, It's online most of the week and on campus a few times a month. They have to remain in the same student group made up of 20 or so kids. I feel for her. I just wish things were normal. Our kids deserve to mingle with other students, play sports, put on shows, go to prom. Ugh. I pray this ends somewhat quickly. I'm hopeful it will. I don't like to hear people tell me it'll be at least another year. Nope. Not in my opinion. Here's her first day picture. Can't believe I only have one more of these before she heads out to college. Ok...the tears are starting to form. Stop.

Oh speaking of Evan, little brat, she loves LOVES catching me in moments like this to share with all her friends.


Oh, before I sign out, I am beyond excited to see Charlie on Thursday! Thanks to Linda and her points, sweet sweet Linda, I'm flying up to Oregon to hang out with Charlie and officially meet his girlfriend, Maia. They live together now. I asked if I should stay with them and Charlie said "I think you'd be more comfortable in a hotel because it's super small and they couch is too. " No problem. It's probably a good idea to have a place to go when they need to do their school work and such. Oh my gosh, I just want to shower them with dinners and gifts and things for their home! I just don't have the funds right now. I'm pretty sure he'll be happy with me just being there. He really needs me now.

Again, I feel like I cannot explain what the kids are going through on this public of a forum. Let me just say that we are frightened for a member of the family. Please pray that they find peace in their heart and strength in the way they deal with this person. Ugh. Sorry so vague.

I leave you with a song I heard on a Mexican radio station. It has the best vibe. Oh, and a link to my podcast which will be sporting brand new episodes this week!!!!

See you later, Diary!!

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