The Puppy...

Dear Diary,

This is the story of the puppy named Rocco. Evan and I drove up to Riverside yesterday to see this puppy that I was considering buying. I know, I know, there are puppies at the shelter yada yada. But, I wanted a specific type of dog after seeing a Teacup Yorkie at my house the other day. The woman and the dog came to buy some turtle step stones that I was selling. Here's what they look like. Pretty cool.

Anyway, I asked the woman about her sweet dog and she gave me the Riverside ladies name and number. While I was pondering buying the dog, I bought a $10 small dog crate from OfferUp. I bought Rocco a dog bed, a toy and potty pads, just so I'd be ready. I thought that if I put it out into the universe, I would end up with this dog.

Here is the problem...the dog is $2500.

When I told Antonio, he told me to never discuss money issues with him again if I get the dog. My mom screamed "LAURA, what are you thinking. Don't do it. That is stupid expensive." I told her that there are dogs that cost $5000, $7000 so this is a deal. I was trying to rationalize.

I had to see the dog for myself. Well, when she brought out the puppy, it looked into my eyes and I fell in love. Evan fell in love, He was just so sweet. He won't be ready to go for another 5 weeks.

I left the woman's house and drove to my mom's. After much consideration, and after my mom called me "Compulsive" I think she meant "Impulsive," I decided against getting the baby dog. It wasn't meant to be. All I know is that I want a tiny dog as an emotional support animal. We are going to TJ to see the dogs at their humane society. I figure if I rescue an animal, I might as well get one that'll have a passport. How cute is that, a doggy passport!

I blame this woman for my puppy obsession.

This is Charlie's girlfriend, Maia. It just so happened that the day I arrived in Eugene, Oregon to visit my boy, Maia picked up her Cocker Spaniel puppy. She and the puppy picked me up at the train station and they we picked up Charlie from Home Depot.

Here are some pictures of everything we did in Eugene over the four days I was there.

So, yah, the whole trip revolved around their new addition, Luka, and it was absolutely precious and fun for me. Charlie and I did break away for a Target shopping spree.

Let me just tell you how proud I am of my son. He has managed to make it back to the University of Oregon after taking a year off to complete some of his undergrad at the community college. The reason being, we had no money for his sophomore year. On his own, he has gotten grants, scholarships, and a psychiatry internship. He has been working his butt of at two jobs, now just one at Home Depot, He's one of the employees who bring stuff to your car curbside. I told Charlie, "I bet the women are stoked that such a handsome guy is loading up their car." He just shook his head. haha.

Last week, he started his junior year at the University. He and Maia got an apartment right across from campus. He pays all his bills, rent, college all on his own with very little help from me or his father. If I had the money I would send him thousands and thousands just to relieve his monetary stress. I am so impressed by him, I could almost cry.

He looks a little thinner than I remember, but all in all he is doing great. I love that boy more than words could ever describe. He is my favorite male human being on the planet.

Even though he needs a haircut. haha

Someone told me that Charlie looks like a young Frank Sinatra. What do you think?

I can kind of see it.

Finally, Happy Boyfriend's Day to this guy...he's s brat, but he's all sorts of amazing, too.

I leave you with a cool song and a link to my podcast.

See you next week, Diary.

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