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Dear Diary,

What did I do? What have I done? Why didn't anyone warn me that this itty bitty tiny creature would completely and utterly melt my heart? I am so in love, I can't even put it into the proper words. When Elvis looked me in the eyes for the very first time, I almost passed out from the sheer cuteness. This tiny soul has connected with mine in such a profound way. He has made my life so much brighter...not that it was dark before. Now, I am almost blind from the brightness this sweet baby brings me.

I have never owed a dog in my adult life. I had a few dogs when I was growing up, but never a puppy. Not even sure why I waited so long to bring a dog into my life. If I would've known how amazing the dog/human relationship is, I would've done this years ago.

A lot of you have told me exactly what I am expressing, that a dog changes everything. Elvis is my official Emotional Support Animal and he came at the right time. My stress level is at an all time high. Things were starting to fall off the rails.

My doctor wrote a letter to my landlord explaining that I suffer from anxiety and depression and that a therapy animal would help me transition off some of the medication I take. I can already tell that having this sweet creature will help me with the weening process.

Maybe this is TMI. But, if this helps someone else who suffers from mental illness, then I'm glad I shared it.

Okay, now for the onslaught of pictures. This is the first time I held him, on the side of the road in Rainbow.

The lady who gave him to me is from Hemet. Her son was nice enough to meet me halfway. I think Evan bonded with him first because she held him all the way home.

Elvis loves Evan. This is the first time Antonio met him. He was not super excited about me getting a puppy, but he's come around for sure.

My weekend was spent at home getting to know Elvis. I slept on the couch for the first few nights so he'd feel safe in his little bed. My bed is way too high off the ground so I don't want him up there yet. So far, he's been excellent. He's eating, drinking, playing, running around and pooping...everywhere. My friend, Laurie, dropped off some puppy books for me to read asap. I need to get this pee pad/playpen/crate thing figured out fast. I don't plan on putting him down outside until he has all his shots and stuff. He's going to be an indoor dog, for sure. I thought that he would be a super fancy boy, too. Not so much. The fake designer collar I bought on Amazon made him whine a little. Dang. My Gucci dog dreams may be just that, dreams. haha. He let me take a few pictures first,

Look how little his mouth is!! haha

This was us most of the weekend.

I have to work this afternoon. I don't think there will be an issue. He isn't a big whiner and he doesn't bark. He's very social and snuggly. I'll just hold him while I do my traffic reports.

The only being that isn't having this is Mog. We let Mog cruise around the house every afternoon. He walked around in circles yesterday, inching closer and closer to Elvis. He knows there is a new ruler of the house and he's not liking it. Maybe someday I will let the two of them meet. I don't want Elvis to get anything from the turtle, just in case he has turtle cooties.

Thank you for encouraging me to go for it. I was nervous, and I still am.

Ok, Elvis just peed on the carpet. I am reading a book that says not to punish or say NO! I'm supposed to ignore it and praise him when he does something right.

I am utterly confused, but I've got this...right?

See you next week, Diary.

I was going through Elvis Presley and Elvis Costello songs (even though I didn't name him after those guys, when I came across this gem. I love this song.

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