I'm Trying To Lose Weight During Covid (after gaining it) and It Hurts.

I just remembered though after walking and running and biking this week, working out kinda hurts. Lol. Butt .... literally..... found out today that we sat on our butts

for 448 extra hours so far during the pandemic (that's the average american)...... me probably longer, because I have no binge guilt and sit my butt in a studio all day. So this week got up early twice to walk and do bootcamp style stuff with my friend Steve. Moving... jogging, situps...pushups.. it all hurts. But, gotta do it.

61% of people who are working from home say the couch has become their main workstation. And 7 in 10 say their "perfect night in" right now involves their sofa in some way.

Photo: Delana Bennett


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