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We want you to join us as we spread the spirit of the holiday season to a special family here in San Diego via our Drive Thru Breaking & Entering with Little Tommy this Saturday (12/5) starting at 9am! Contact us and we'll fill you in on all the details.

Eight year old Regan reached out along with her mom to nominate her friend and family who recently lost their father, he was only 40 years old.

Here's what she wrote:

"Dear Star 94.1, My name is Reagan. I’m 8 years old and my mom is helping me write this.

My school is closed and we’re doing distance learning. Because of that, my mom has me going to an after school program. On my first day, I was so scared and nervous because I didn’t know anyone and because we were all wearing masks and social distancing, I just knew it was going to be tough to make new friends. BUT, on that first day, a 9 year old girl came up to me. She was nice because she knew I was the new kid and I was scared. BUT, she included me in everything and made me feel welcome. She introduced me to everyone and I was able to make new friends. That little girl was like an angel to me.

THEN, a few weeks later, my friend stopped showing up. She wasn’t there anymore. I miss her so much. I found out that her daddy passed away. He was only 40 years old. When her daddy was in high school a long time ago, he was a great football player in San Diego. They say his strength and will power wasn't enough to overcome his disease.

He leaves behind a wonderful wife and 3 little kids. My friend is the oldest. She’s 9. She has two littler brothers age 7 and 5. Her mom is struggling very hard to keep things together and to raise her children without the love of her life. Because of that, my friend has stepped up and is helping her mom with everything around the house and is helping with the two little boys. She is taking care of her little brothers just like she took care of me on that first day of school.

This is the first Thanksgiving and Christmas without their daddy. I don’t want my friend to feel sad or scared. Because she was nice to me, I want something nice to happen for her."

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