This Girl of Mine..

Dear Diary,

Over the weekend, we watched Evan's latest performance...over Zoom! I didn't know how the drama department was going to pull this off but pull it off they did, The play was called Radium Girls. Evan played multiple characters, including Marie Curie. She even learned how to speak in a Polish accent. It was spot on! Here's how they did it:

Each student actor put a green screen behind them in their rooms. The kids were able to act with each other, even though they were all alone. The background was projected onto the green screens and they dressed in costumes so, at times, you didn't even notice that you were watching separate screens, It all melded into one performance. I am so proud of them all. Kudos to the teacher and the production crew for making this all happen. It's incredible how we, as humans, can adapt in difficult times like these. Who would have thought you could put on a full on high school theater production via Zoom? Anyway, here are some pictures of Evan's characters starting with Marie Curie.

She's at the bottom of this picture:)

So proud of that kid. Proud of my other kid (who's turning 21 on January 17th!) too. He just texted me his psych grade. 100%! Did I mention that I'm proud of him? I sent him a small printer and a filing cabinet for Christmas. I know, kind of boring, but he will use the heck out of them. I got Evan a bunch of stuff including a karaoke mic that has its own speaker attached and it can upload all sorts of music and whatnot. I also got her a disco ball-type of thing that you can sync with the microphone. Party in a Box. That's what I'm calling it.

Now, on my third baby, Elvis. Friends have been sending him little outfits for Christmas. He is not happy in these clothes, but he puts up with it because he knows it makes me happy (at least that's what I'm telling myself!) Look at the last picture. It looks like he's going to kill me! haha

This little kid is so expressive. He's also a little brat. He's a puppy still, just about 4 months now, but his biting has to stop. He's just playing around, but his teeth are sharp and my arms are all scraped up. Ugh, As soon as he gets his final round of shots, I'm taking him to obedience school. The bad habits have started and it's all my fault. I haven't been consistent with him as much as I need to be. My work schedule has been all over the place so we don't have a set schedule. He has the makings of a great dog. I just need to mold his habits. He gets neutered in two more months. Maybe he'll mellow out when that happens. This is what we look like at night. I look gross asleep. Ew.

He also loves going into the studio with me. He runs up and down the halls and tries to play with everyone. I love heading into the studio, too. This working from home thing is not my jam. I don't like it at all.

Two Sundays ago, Evan and I drove up to see my mom and sister. It was a necessity to watch the premiere of the new season of 90 Day Fiance together. We all love that show. We are headed up to Rancho Cucamonga on the 27th to watch it again...and to celebrate Christmas.

Antonio has yet to drive up with us to see my mom. They've all met him, just not at her house. I want to bring him up with us but his work schedule is so grueling, he needs all the sleep he can get. He goes to work at 5 am (I am asleep) and gets home at 4 pm (I'm at work) and he tries to be in bed by 7 pm (that's when I'm off.) So, our schedules have made it impossible to spend time together during the week. That has definitely hurt things. Not to mention I've had Evan all week. Antonio and I had a nice long talk last night. I'm so glad we did. All is good in the hood now. When you're with someone for almost a year and a half, obstacles happen, life happens, %$# happens. I just have to make some decisions, I think. Not about him. I love him so.

I will end this Diary with something I stole from my friend's Instagram story. It's so right on.

See you next week, Diary.

Here's a link to my podcast. I love doing it with Linda and Erik. We have a blast!

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