Message Creepin: Jesse Is A Dog Whisperer

During the Christmas break Jesse received a text message from Tati asking so many questions about his Frenchie, Tyga. She was able to spend time with a 1 year old puppy that could be aggressive at times with dogs and people. It turns out Jesse gives really good advice.

Tati: I love that Jesse gives me his Two Cents, since I am always giving mine. TUNE IN Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:40 am to hear the latest TWO CENTS.

Do you have any advice for training a puppy that is a year old?

Do you have advice on Frenchie breed or a dog who shows food aggression?

What advice do you give owners who have a dog and get a NEW dog?

Hit up Jesse and Tati via @Jesseandtati on Instagram and "Jesse And Tati In The Morning" on Facebook.

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