Today I Learned, Onions Are An Anecdote...

You really can learn so much with a fun bunch like Jesse, Tati, And Shelly! Today the show learned that onions can be an anecdote, Fiesta Island can be a scary place for your dog, and Tijuana isn't the place to have drinks during a pandemic.

Did you hear about the woman who has become a meme from the storming of the US Capitol because she was maced?

Well, it didn't take long for the internet to do their investigating. THE FULL STORY from TMZ, poses many questions about why she had an onion on hand for it all.

Dog Lovers may not want to bring their dogs to San Diego's popular dog beach, Fiesta Island, after mysterious signs showed up warning owners of what has been happening there. The FULL STORY HERE.

Tijuana's restaurants and bars ordered to shut down as pandemic drags on.

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