Out With The Old, In With...Nada.

Dear Diary.

This is the year of recreation and reinvention. It's the year of upgrades and upkeep. It's the year of getting rid of my baggage and replacing it with nothing! It's the year of paying attention. Paying attention. It doesn't seem that hard to do, but it really affects your life when you fail to do so. I just had a conversation with Antonio last night. He told me that I don't pay attention to the little things, like helping him carry in the grocery bags. He says that he'll come to the door with arms loaded with bags and I don't offer to help him get the other bags out of the car. That was one example he gave me. It seems so trivial, really, but he has a point. I need to pay attention to everything and everyone around me. I kind of let that go last year. I also need to purge my closets, under the stairs, under my bed, the garage...everything. That'll be tedious, but not hard. What will be hard for me will be not spending money on new stuff. I already have myself in a bit of monetary trouble. Did I really need that little shelf that says "Woof" with hooks on it? Did I really need to buy five people mini humidifiers for no reason? (It's so cute, though. Everyone needs one!) I am embarrassed to tell you this but I even sent a woman who's on the show "90 Day Fiance" a humidifier because she commented on my Instagram post. I have every kind of bead under the sun for my bracelet making side hustle. I just ordered new ones this morning. I feel like I have no control over my spending. I take out money and give it to Antonio to keep in his bank for me so I can't touch it. Sounds like it's time for a meeting.

On another note, I bought Evan the coolest bubbling mask. We tried it out the other night and it was hilarious and refreshing. It's awesome. You end up looking like a monster, but it feels so good!

Oh my gosh, pictures do not do it justice.

I have decided that I am going to follow a strict face regimen each night and each morning. These skin cells ain't getting any younger so I need to keep up with the moisture and masks. I just cleaned out my makeup bag and my makeup and hair station so now it's all organized. I threw away so much old crusty makeup. Ew. Out with the old. I started to clean out the bane of my existence...my closet...but it's not even close to being done. At least I started. Lots of stuff to give away or even sell. People buy the most random things so ya never know.

I am in the process of revamping my downstairs guest/Antiono bathroom. Look, I LOVE where I live. I love this place, but it was updated probably in the early 80's. Hence, the old kind of nasty downstairs bathroom. I used to have pictures of myself with all sorts of celebrities, but after a few years, it got old. Plus, people were uncomfortable looking at me while they did their business. ha! So here's what it looked like...

And here is where I'm at with my project. I plan to cover one whole wall.

Bought these wall stickers on Amazon. It's so fun! What color towels and what color bathmat should I get?

My sweet sister did my hair when Evan and Elvis and I went up to visit my mom last weekend. She's a hairdresser. Gotta love the perks. I'm sure she wasn't thrilled doing my hair on a Sunday, her day off, but she did it with a smile. I love my sis so much. And, before your ask, she's three years younger than me.

Here's the fam from last Sunday during a commercial break on 90 Day Fiance...our fav!

On a completely different tangent, how come no one told me that having a dog is the world's best experience as a human being? Elvis and I are as close as close can be. I truly feel like he talks to me through those big round brown eyes. His little soul has connected to mine completely. I am so in love. He's a little brat sometimes, but overall, he's the best thing that's happened to me in a long time. Dogs are so smart, too! I didn't know this. Elvis loves going for rides in the car and he absolutely loves people and other dogs. He's a puppy so he jumps up on everyone. But, he's a gentle boy. I keep thinking that I've kind of screwed myself in a way. Someday, I will lose this precious little being. How will I ever cope with that? How do people deal with such a loss? Why am I talking about this right now, Dangit!!! I'll stop. Here are some photos of my little boy (I refuse to call him a fur baby.)

Oh, big news...Charlie and his girlfriend are coming to SD on Thursday! Can't wait!

And, I forgot to tell you, I got a psychic reading a few days ago. I'm going to talk about it on my podcast on Tuesday night. Too much stuff to write. I will tell you that I bought something from Amazon (there I go spending again) called Florida Water. It's supposed to give you luck and safety. I sure hope so because a small bottle cost me $14!

I included a link to my podcast. That's about it, Diary. See you next week!!

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