When Good Animals Go Bad: Chickens Attack McDonalds

Well, that's one heck of a cock fight! Did chickens really go after customers at a McDonalds? Were they mad about chicken mcnuggets? Do chickens protest too? Here's the FB post of the police department that handled the issue the Washington Township Police Department said:

"Earlier today we received a call for a flock of chickens “wreaking havoc” at our local McDonald’s on Route 31 South. We immediately called our animal “havoc” specialist, ACO Robbie (and the crowd goes wild). He quickly leapt into action and responded to the scene before the perpetrators could fly the coup. (see what we did there?)

Upon arrival, he observed two suspect chickens “harassing” and “chasing” customers and pecking at car tires. We cannot confirm at this time if they were targeting specific customers (with chicken nuggets and sandwiches in hand) or random customers."

Photo: Getty Images

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