Today I Learned, Andrew Johnson Was Drunk On Inauguration Day

1793- George Washington to date still has the shortest speech which happened during his second inauguration, it was only 135 word 

1865- When Andrew Johnson was inaugurated as vice president in 1865, he was totally trashed. He was very ill from typhoid fever and drank whiskey to try to numb the aches and pains a little—except he overdid it and ended up slurring his way through his oaths 

1953- Eisenhower was lassoed, because western movies were such a big deal at the time, Montie Montana rolled up on his horse and threw the lasso 

1973- Nixon didn't want pigeons... Chemicals were sprayed along the parade route for Nixon's inauguration to deter pigeons from being a disruption, unfortunately it was the 70's and the route ended up being lined with dead birds 

1981- THE BLUEBERRY JELLY BELLY JELLY BEAN WAS CREATED FOR RONALD REAGAN’S INAUGURATION. While he was Governor of CA, Ronald Reagan used Jelly Belly's to quit his smoking habit. 

1977- Jimmy Carter's inauguration parade included balloons, yes, there was a floating peanut 

2001- Larry King had the honor of introducing Ricky Martin at George W. Bush's inauguration. He performed "Cup of Life" 

2009- BARACK OBAMA HAS BEEN SWORN IN FOUR TIMES. After Chief Justice John Roberts misstated a few words while administering the oath of office to Barack Obama during his first inauguration in 2009, Obama was sworn in again the next day, “out of an abundance of caution." He did it again in 2013, because January 20 fell on a Sunday; he took the oath privately on the 20, then publicly on the 21. It was only the second time in history that a president was sworn in four times; the other was FDR, who served four terms. 

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