#GoodNews Make A Wish Kid Gets A Big Surprise!

According to Make A Wish - Wish kid Brody, 15, was among over 300 local wish kids with a critical illness waiting for their wish to be granted during the pandemic. Brody was diagnosed with leukemia July 22, 2020 and his chemotherapy treatments since have been grueling, causing allergic reactions and even seizures. However, in true Make-A-Wish style, the organization decided to change the symbolism of the 22ndinto something that represented more than just his illness, but created hope and joy. His wish granters shared the news on November 22ndwith him via Zoom that his wish to have a cargo trailer to take his dirt bike camping was being adopted by Carlsbad company Ronin Factory in the coming months, giving him something to look forward to during his treatments

Since Brody was diagnosed, there hasn’t been a sanitized place for him to stay during family camping trips, nor has he had enough energy. When Brody was asked about what he envisioned for his wish, he wanted a way to safely go camping again when he was healthy, and also give him a space of his own, even if he just had it parked in his backyard to enjoy it. “I would be happy with a box on wheels, because it's my box,” Brody shared. “I am just grateful for anything you can do”.

The teams at Ronin Factory and Make-A-Wish then got to work on finding and customizing the perfect trailer for him. And once again the 22ndwould be a day that Brody and his family wouldn’t forget, only this time it would be life-changing in a positive way. Brody’s wish granters called him via Zoom the morning of January 22ndto surprise him with the status of his wish, which he thought was months from being granted still. Outside his front door, the Ronin team had his customized trailer waiting for him—literally with his name on it thanks to California Wraps— at his house in Pine Valley, where the small town has rallied around him since his diagnosis. They also had wish enhancements waiting for him including a new BOXO Tools set and Thor MX motorcycle riding gear donated from both San Diego companies.When his wish was revealed today, Brody exclaimed, “My cheeks are hurting I’m so surprised, I think I’m going to sleep in here tonight!”

Photos; Make A Wish - Christine Reed

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