He BETTER Get Me Something!!

Dear Diary,

Now look...I'm not trying to be a nagging, annoying, bratty girlfriend when I say that Antonio needs to get me something for V-Day. I usually don't really care. I like to be acknowledged with a card or a nice gesture, but I don't need the full-on Valentine's deal like a fancy dinner, roses, and candy. However, this year is different. Not only do we live together, but we also hang out on our days off together. We are with each other a lot, and with that comes complacency. I decided that this year I am going to bring it big for VDay to show him how much I adore him.

I saw an ad on Instagram for a service called Turned Yellow. Basically, you send them a picture and they turn the people in the picture into Simpson's characters. He loves The Simpsons. He has a few still shots from that show on the wall in his room. I sent them a pic of him in his Metallica shirt and signature brown and black beaded necklace that he wears when he goes out. He is going to look awesome as a cartoon with that salt and pepper hair, the t-shirt, and the necklace. I even sent a picture of Elvis (which I had to pay extra for) but how cute will that be? It cost me....drum roll please...$106. I have no business spending that kind of money but you only live once, right? He is going to flip out when he sees it. I am also painting him a sign for his bedroom door. I am gluing little clips to it and then clipping pictures onto the sign. I thought it'd be fun to clip little notes to it every once in a while. I am painting it like Eddie Van Halen's guitar, red, black, and white.

Last night, I told him straight up "I'm just warning you that if you don't get me something for Valentine's Day this year, you are going to feel like a jerk." He replied, "I hate 'love day'." What? So I told him "Then give me something on the 13th." He groaned. hahahahaha. Luckily, we can joke around like that. I am kind of serious, though. The picture also includes me, too. In the picture I sent them I have shoulder-length hair. I had to let the people know that my hair is long now and that I want to be drawn in a short mini skirt and heels. Pretty much a completely different person than in the photo! How did my hair suddenly grow?

All I'm going to say is that I have a Fairy Godmother watching over me and she said I needed a pep in my step, a little sexy in my life, so she bought me extensions! Oh, how I love to have hair. It's the best feeling. This is before.

And this is what it looks like now!

Those of you with thick hair will never understand what it's like to have thin, fine hair. These luscious locks make me feel so good. Thank you, Fairy Godmother. God landed you in my lap.

Back to Antonio, I was minding my own business, making jewelry on the couch when all of a sudden he comes down wearing this!

WTH? I just love that he does stuff like this. Makes me laugh.

Gosh, I have so much to show you...let me start with the little boy, Elvis. Look at this face!

He relies on me the most, but he loves Evan more than anyone. It's the cutest thing ever. Elvis has a girlfriend already. Her name is Miley. Miley is the GM's dog. They absolutely love each other.

It's so fun bringing him into work when Miley is there. They just run and run and play and zoom, zoom, zoom until they are zonked.

My big boy, Charlie, is doing great. His girlfriend tested positive for Covid and she got a little bit sick. But, they are both fine now and negative. Thank goodness for FaceTime. How did our parents deal without seeing us for so long when we left for college?

I've been making a lot of mask chains for people. Here is some of my work...

Oh, and I am painting a coffee table I bought on Offer Up. Love that site.

Evan, Elvis, and I headed up to Rancho Cucamonga this weekend to visit my momma, sis, and niece. Faith is turning 18 in a few days so we celebrated her birthday a little early.

One more thing to show you that I'm proud of. I decorated this cool shelf in my bedroom with stuff from The Dollar Tree and Walmart. Total cost of everything was $13! The ceramic fist is mine. I made it when I was 10. It makes me feel good looking at it. It makes me think about how that little fist will go through so much and it has no idea. sigh. Anyway...

I could chat all day, but I gotta go buy more paint from Home Depot. That dang coffee table is on coat number 3 and it's just now looking good. The top of the table swivels open. I just love it.

30 bucks on Offer Up..boo-yah!

See you later, Diary.

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