Help...I'm Addicted!

Dear Diary,

I will get to my new addiction in a moment. First, I know this is hella late in the game, but I had the best Valentine's Day ever! This is what I got Antonio: a big canvas picture of him and I and Elvis as Simpsons characters. I made it into a traveling coffee mug and cutting board, too. It's from a website called "turnedyellow" that I saw on Instagram. No, I am not being paid for this. I just happened to stumble across it. Not the cheapest thing I've ever bought, but worth it.

I love that they got his Metallica shirt and the necklace he always wears. Well, he got me the most amazing thing ever...a white gold necklace with diamonds! I was blown away. He also made me breakfast in bed and a really funny card. We're not super lovey-dovey, so the funny card was perfect! He done sooo good!

Now, my new addiction. It's bad...real bad. I am Laura and I'm a Facebook Marketplace and Offer Up addict. And, add Buy Nothing to that list. Omg, the things I've acquired this weekend. First, the Buy Nothing gets. This is an offshoot of Facebook. You can look for a Buy Nothing group in your community. People post stuff they don't want and if you're the first to comment or the person they pick, you get to pick it up. This weekend I've received: unused makeup, Lucky Brand dress, 3 crosses for my cross wall, 2 photo albums, a vacuum, and dog stairs.

On Offer Up, I've purchased three pairs of used heels (don't gross-out, they are in good shape. haha), black Uggs (new) and a leopard sweater (that I don't need.)

On Facebook Marketplace I've purchased a leopard chair. Omg it's so pretty...look!

Newly refurbished..$65! I also bought a cool round coffee table that swivels open...and I painted it white. It was $30. Look!

I didn't just bleed money and time this weekend, I also sold a bunch of stuff...two pairs of used Uggs to someone in Ohio and 17 turtle step stones from Mexico. Look!

I'm loving this whole thing! It's so fun...and it's addicting, too! Oh, I forgot, I picked up a FREE leopard chair that I'm going to use when company comes over (whenever that will be!)

Here's Elvis sitting on the free leopard chair.

FREE! Evan is scared that I am becoming a hoarder. I forgot to tell you about all the frames I bought from those two sites....I changed up my frame game. Look!

I'm just trying to freshen up our home, so why not do it on the cheap? Evan is afraid that I spend too much money, period. Do you want to get into that now? ok.

It is the worst feeling in the world when your kids express their disappointment in you. It happened to me last week. Evan says I have no control over my spending and she's afraid we won't make rent. I told her that I put away money each paycheck and that adds up to rent each month. All she sees is me bringing things into this house. She doesn't realize that I'm not spending a ridiculous amount of money at Target each week, I'm literally buying people's used stuff. She doesn't see it that way and now she has distrust in me. Ugh. I feel like crying. We have a big trip to Boston to look at colleges in October. She's worried that I won't have enough money saved by then. I guess that's a valid worry, but I don't want her to stress. That's the last thing she needs. Maybe I should give her money to save in a box somewhere for the trip. That way she'll see progress. She can't tell me where it is, though! I honestly don't trust myself all that much.

I'm sure we'll be discussing this on Tuesday's Laura Cain After Dark podcast. The link is attached to this Diary. I bought Linda and Erik presents off of Offer Up this weekend, too. Don't tell them that I got them from a guy who met me off the 5 and Orange Avenue at the Chevron. Maybe I do need help.

See you later, Diary!

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