14 Years of Living Right...

Dear Diary,

Ugh. I've been so bad about writing to you lately. My new work hours cut into my diary-writing time so much, but I love working from 10am-2pm. I get up with Evan, take her to school (when she goes) and I'm with her when she's at school online. We are both at our computers getting er done. Then, I'm here to make lunch, dinner, drive her to theater rehearsal, and all that. This seems too good to be true and it probably is. I'll take it while I can, how about that?

I've been hustling quite a bit, selling stuff online, working for people running errands and things, anything to pay the rent...which has been paid in full on time the last few months. Pretty proud of that. I give Antonio money to save for me so I don't see it in my bank account. I have a spending problem. It's not like I go to Nordstrom and spend a few grand on cool stuff. No, I buy people's used shoes and clothes, furniture and knick-knacks. If you ask Antonio and Evan, there are too many knick-knacks in this house. I recently bought this really neat brass steer skull with the big horns. I put it up on the wall near our front door. Antonio took one look at it and said "That looks like a demon, please take it down." He doesn't ask for much, so I sold it the next day to a woman who's from Texas. She couldn't be happier, so it all worked out. Here's a picture of it. What do you think?

Yesterday was my 14th birthday. It's absolutely insane that I was in rehab that long ago. It truly feels like yesterday. I remember all the people so vividly. I wonder how many of them made it this far. It's sad to say it's probably not a lot. This addiction/alcoholism thing is no joke. ANYWAY, I had the best time with my mom, sis, and niece yesterday. My mom made my fav dinner (rice and meat) and she got me a birthday cake. So awesome. Then we all watched 90 Day Fiance together. It was just perfect, except for the drive there and back in one day. Here are some pics from the day, including one of me in a dress that Evan bought me from a thrift store in Laverne.

Can you even believe my mom is 80 years old? I don't like it. I want her to be 70. She looks so good and her health is so good, thank God.

On Thursday, Linda and Erik surprised me with a sunset picnic on the bay. The weather was awesome, the company was fantastic, the ambiance was glorious and boho chic and the sunset was beautiful. I'm telling you it was one of the most perfect afternoons I've ever had. Someone once told me that your good friends are a reflection of who you are. If that's the case I must be pretty great because my friends are stellar. I love them so much. Here are some pics...

The weekend before last Antonio and I went to Viejas for the night because his parents had a free room they didn't want. On the way to the casino, I got a little lost. I was driving and driving and wondering where the heck this place was! Turns out I missed it...14 miles ago. It was at that point that Antionio and I got into a fight. He couldn't believe I missed it. He claims he was eating and didn't realize how far I'd gone. I yelled at him for being a bad passenger. It was a dumb fight but it lasted throughout the night. Here's a fake picture of us before we went down to gamble.

Hahahaha. We look so mad. Anyway, I ended up gambling alone because he was walking too slow and I wanted a Players Card. But, look...

The next night we went to see an old friend, Mal Hall, do stand-up at The Comedy Store in La Jolla. We all sat outside in the alley in a makeshift theater. He was hysterical. Here's my outfit from that night. I love this jacket so much.

He asked a very interesting question: Do you use a washcloth when you shower? He says white people don't. He's right. I don't. My hands work just fine. Well, throw that topic out there and see the response. Speaking of showers, look at my masterpiece...the wall of stickers.

My minuscule downstairs bathroom looks so good now. It's actually Antonio's bathroom. Hopefully, this remodel won't cause a fight.

See you later, Diary.

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