What A Story About "A Dish Best Served Cold"

Sometimes you stumble upon such a great story that you wonder, is this real life or is this a fantasy? This man shared a tale of the sweetest revenge he had on his cheating wife.

Here is the question AFTER you read the FULL STORY...

Can you film your spouse inside you home without their permission?

I caught my fiancée cheating on me with some other guy whom she met at the gym. I had built the house we lived in from the ground up, and was smart enough to have bought and installed a surveillance system that not only covered the entire yard, but the inside of the house as well.
The system included HD video, audio recording, and even came with night vision. I did not tell her about the system and she never suspected that she was being watched inside the house.
I caught her calling the guy and giving him our address and inviting him over to “fuck" in her own words. Everything was caught on camera, with audio to boot, and I made sure to make extra copies and save them as evidence.
The next day, she went to work as if nothing happened. I left for work as I normally do but once I was away from the house, I called my boss and told them I was taking a few days off. I’ve been with this company for over 12 years and was good friends with the owner, so he had no problem with me taking time off. I waited till she came back to the house to begin my plan.
The first thing I did was to call all her credit cards and cancel them. Since I paid for everything and they were in my name, I had no problem getting those cancelled. The next thing I did was to take the money from our joint checking account out to put it into my own personal checking account. I then collected all of her clothes, jewellery, shoes, etc. and stuffed them into garbage bags and tossed them into my truck. I had a couple of buddies meet me that morning at the house to help me out.
I also changed the codes to get into the house, locking her out. We finished loading everything into my truck and one of my buddies’ trucks and left the house. The first stop was at her job where I used the extra key to her car to get in and drive it away back to my house, while my buddy followed in my truck. The car was in my name and I was not going to let her have it.

He then goes to her Mother's home, and kicks it up a notch. WOAH! Story was posted on Quora.