The Crazy Couch Saga

Dear Diary,

Who knew that buying a new couch would be such a colossal task! I've spent this whole month dealing with things revolving around a new couch for my small living room. Doesn't sound like that big of a deal, but it has taken up so much of my thoughts and time, you have no idea.

I had a budget of $700. That seemed pretty reasonable to me. Well, let me tell you that you cannot find much for that price around here. I decided to look on Amazon. Tons of couches on there and I found one I loved right away. It was within budget and it looked great. They ended up delivering one and a half couches in three separate boxes. The boxes were square and kinda flat. How in the world does a couch fit in three square boxes? Well, Antonio took on the task of putting it together. To avoid clutter at our trash area, he shredded the boxes after he took the couch pieces out. First mistake.

Here's what it looked like assembled. Beautiful, right? Classy and a perfect size, right?

Then, we sat on it. Imagine sitting on a piece of velvet covered cardboard on top of cement. That's what it felt like. Since I spend lots of time on the couch, this wasn't going to work for all. Return it, right? Nope. In order to return the couch it needed to be packaged back in the boxes, which were in our recycling all shredded up. Second mistake. The only option was to sell it. I felt so sneaky describing the couch as a soft and wonderful piece of furniture for $700, so I lowered it to $600. Not a single bite. So, I continued to lower the price until a college student expressed interest at the price of $350. Sold. She came to look at it and loved it, but she never asked to sit on it! I didn't say a word. She was in love with it. So, there it went.

Our old couch was already down in Mexico, so the search for a new sofa continued. I found one at The Furniture Warehouse in Chula Vista...your basic sectional for $650. I picked a burnt orange color this time. Here's what it looks like.

This is the rug I ordered to go with it. Thank you to those of you who helped me pick it on Instagram! I thought I round rug would look cool...something different from what I'm used to.

And as soon as I get the money, I am pretty sure I am getting this chair to complete the space. It was designed by Peter Brady, The Christopher Knight Collection. I really feel like I need one of his pieces in my place! It would complete me. And, it's not all that expensive...around $200. BUT, it's on Amazon. You'd think I'd learn my lesson. I haven't ordered it yet, so don't roll your eyes.

I know, I, money, money. We had this fascinating woman on our podcast (tonight) who talks to us about money and manifesting it in our lives. She says we can float any number out there and if we focus on that number, it will appear like magic. The law of attraction. So, get ready, I'm about to have $10,000 in my savings soon. She says not to stress about HOW we are going to get it, just that we WILL get it if we put our minds to it. I'm not explaining it well, but she's amazing. You'll have to listen. I included a link to our previous podcasts so you'll know where to find it. She says we either live a "Magical Life" or a "Logical Life." I'm all about the magic. Most people in my circle are logical, Anyway, I have $10,000 written all over my house! hahaha.

Look at this cool picture I made for my room. I ran it through a website that turns photos into pop art. I did one of Evan, too.

The Ev pic goes in our newly painted and refinished tub and shower. My landlord is my favorite person for having this done. Before it looked so bad. We are going with a pink, white and hint of black theme for our bathroom. Our toothbrush holder is blinged out. HomeGoods purchase.

Antonio built himself a bar outside in the patio out of pallets he found around town behind stores. haha. Here he is using it for the first time. We had his friends, a couple, over for drinks and sashimi (his specialty.)

We are headed to TJ this week to pick out cool Mexican tiles to put on the top. I may as well call HGTV and have them out here seeing as I'm doing all this home improvement stuff. When this is all finished, what am I going to do next?

Look at this shirt I bought Elvis at Big Lots...

He hates it.

That side eye is pretty fierce. Elvis is doing great. I think it's time to get him fixed because he's getting really possessive of me. He's been doing that movement a lot lately (you know what I'm talking about) especially on Antonio. I have to keep reminding Elvis that he's not the dominant male in this house!

One final note (gosh, I've been all over the place..), I freaking love everything about radio. I always have. I used to have a red tape recorder that I would record songs from the radio and talk in between them. I'd put on shows and force my poor mother to listen. I have those tapes somewhere. I was like 8 year old when I started that. I never ever take if for granted that I get to work on air in this town. It doesn't matter if I am on the number one morning show, reporting traffic or doing the 12am-6am Sunday morning shift. I love it all. It still gives me butterflies when I walk down the hallway and see all the stations. I have to pinch myself sometimes.

Sorry this is hella long. I just had a lot to catch you up on. I'll try to be better about writing to you each week, Diary. See you soon!

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