SNL Keeps Hitting Right For Many Reasons!

Is it the pandemic or does it seem like SNL has taken it up a few notches? They are so good at bringing up exactly what is happening right now and not just the sketches, but heart felt and MOVING monologues from guest hosts. We know this is what they do, but lately it feels like their timing is EVERY THING!

In case you missed it, we have our picks from this weekend.

Jesse loved how this skit hit!

Of course Tati loved every thing about Actor Daniel Kaluuya's opening monologue and his witty comparisons on racism from where he is from and America, and his Get Out reference from the Golden Globes, and more!

Be sure to tune in MONDAYS so we can playback some clips on what you may have missed as well as TOP STORIES every hour starting 6 AM.

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