The Five Dollar Tamale From Hell

Dear Diary,

I love surprises. I love surprising people even more. Antonio doesn't like surprises at all. It took a tamale to make that crystal clear.

So, I was at Target one evening picking up some food when I saw a woman selling tamales, elotes and churros from a legit-looking cart. I bought one of each: the tamale and elotes for Antonio and the churros for me (which I inhaled before leaving the parking lot.) I put it the tamale and corn in the fridge with a little note so he wouldn't have to make his lunch in the wee hours of the morning.

The next day, when we were on our way to pick up our new couch, he says to me "Where did you get that tamale?" I replied, "Uh, the Target parking lot." He exclaimed "That was the worst tamale I've ever had!" Ok, fine. Then he asked the deadly question "How much was it?" I calmly said "Five dollars."

You would've thought I told him I was cheating on him with his best friend. He yelled "Five dollars? What? For a tamale?" Then, he got quiet. We picked up the sofa in silence. Finally, I asked "Are you just tired or is something wrong?" He went on to tell me that he is always tired and that yes something was wrong. I spend money stupidly. How could I blow five bucks on one tamale. Blah, blah, blah.

I explained to him that his joy and happiness is worth gobs of money. That's all I wanted to do was to make him happy and surprise him. He is very good about money. He knows where every cent goes. He has a budget. I am the opposite. I see something that is going to make someone's day (maybe even myself) and I buy it. He and I come from two different worlds. I act as if I have all the money in the world, which I obviously don't. He is logical and methodical with his dough. Anyway, that damn tamale.

In other news, Easter Sunday was awesome! Mom, Jenny and Faith came down for the day. We ate enchiladas, which Antonio so graciously made, and played a game with Antonio's prize wheel. Yes, he owns a prize wheel. Here are some pics...

This is my pretty sis.

Here is Antonio in action serving my momma a martini.

Look what my momma bought for me...this cool-as-heck fireball fire pit!

It looks like a planet in this pic, but it's not that big. And, look what I traded for my Dyson Hairdryer...

I found that awesome egg chair at TJMaxx of all places. Super good price. My old macrame swing chair was just about to fall. I'm selling it.

I am not going to show you my new couch yet because I wanna wait until the rug and chairs get here. Yes, I bought a pair of teal chairs to go with my rust couch. They recline and massage! Amazon! I read every single review and they were all great. Fingers crossed.

My old couch and chair ended up on the covered balcony in TJ where Antonio used to live.

BTW, those are free shoes I'm wearing courtesy of Buy Nothing. Here's my old chair.

He doesn't like surprises but I sure love him.

I think I wanna get a finger tattoo. Maybe my kids' signatures on the inside of two of my fingers. Maybe a happy face? What do you think?

See you later, Diary!

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