It's Finally Time To Show You!

Dear Diary,

The pieces are in place and now my living space is complete. After lots of shopping online and in store and after a few mishaps, I think I'm happy with it all. Not 100% stoked about my pillow game, but that's easy too change (although throw pillows are hella expensive!) Here is the room in natural light (I'm such a dork)

Here it is under the Ikea lamp that Antonio hung for me.

My chairs ended up being pretty cool! They're like baby recliners and a massage chair in one. I ordered a pair on Amazon for $316!

Here's a closer look at my carpet, which I love love. I bought it on Facebook Marketplace for $150. It's huge!

Here are two little ladies I added to the family. Yes, I name my plants. I'm that kind of person. Plants give me life. Set me free in a nursery and I'd be in heaven. Anyway, their names are Lonnie (big one) and Dolly (small pink one.) Not sure what to do with the basket yet. I want to put another plant in it but Evan says it's getting too crowded. Basket from Big Lots. Plants from Home Depot.

So, all together, my living room redo from hanging drum light and plants to the furniture, rug and coffee table...roughly $1230. Remember my coffee table I bought for $30 from two ladies in a mobile home park and painted it white? Anyway, I didn't finance one single cent of it. Thank goodness.

My advice would be definitely sit on a couch before you buy it! I lucked out with those chairs from Amazon but I read every single review and they were all good.

We broke in the new stuff this weekend when Antonio's family came by for afternoon snackies and drinkies.

His two adorable nieces came, too. Antonio brought out the prize wheel again...Spinning for Scratchers! haha. It's so fun. I thought he was nuts when he ordered that thing from Amazon, but we've used it a lot already!

This weekend I had lunch in Old Town with the girls from traffic. Tori told me that we (Tori, Melissa, Jen and me) hadn't seen each other in one year! A whole year went by just like that. Wow. We spent hours updating each other on our lives. We were so into our convo that we completely forgot to take pictures. Ugh! I am so bummed because we all looked cute, too. Here's a pic from 2019 when we went to dinner at a Speak Easy.

I sure miss working with them everyday. I don't think we will ever return to the studio all at once. Maybe one or two of us. Sad. But, we made it a point to schedule a beach day in the next month or so.

Sunday, Antonio not only woke me up with breakfast in bed, he made dinner for me, too! Look at this presentation! Perfecto!

We spent the day running errands. We made the rounds in Ikea, where Elvis decided to let loose some fake grass in a patio furniture display. I panicked when I saw his pee stance, so I distracted the sales woman by asking her a question. When she was gone, I blotted it up and ran a Clorox wipe across the scene of the crime. I am officially that dog owner that you hate. But, look at this boy! How can you be mad at this face?

This is his girlfriend, Miley. He cried almost all the way home when he left her on Thursday. He's in the butt-sniffing, humpy stage, which Miley has no use for. But, they got to play around a little. He loves looking at her picture.

Look at this fun cartoon selfie I made with that editor. I love playing around with it.

I wish my skin was cartoon smooth like that. Every time I put on self tanner, my age spots come jumping out of my chest. Gross.

Oh, by the way, this entire outfit was free (Buy Nothing gets and hand-me-downs.)

Free...except for the hat. That was $35 but I gotta be a little fancy, right?

Oh, so Antonio took this picture of me. He made me hand him my phone to capture it.

Then he says "We should get married soon."

Say what?

Then he says "Because I want to have a few ex-wives under my belt."

It was a beautiful moment.

See you later, Diary.

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