I'm Going Home...

Dear Diary,

On Sunday, Javier, Evan and I are headed up to Glendale to see the house I grew up in. The people who own it now, the ones who totally refreshed and renovated it, are selling it for 2 million bucks! This walls of this house tell my life story. I remember kissing the walls of when my mom sold it 17 years ago. My house was the coolest house out of all of my friends. I used to love showing it off. The house really does seem like a family member to me. That's why I am so excited to go back and tour the whole property. It's all over Google, apparently. I refuse to look at the new and improved version of 3113 Sparr Boulevard, but you can. My mom wanted me to look at the pictures so bad! She told me one thing; there's a cigar lounge where the rose garden used to be, Wow. I am waiting until Sunday, tho. I will post a bunch of before and after photos next week. I'll tell you more memories, too. Isn't she just beautiful?

And that's just the front view. The back is awesome, too.

That is just a tiny view of the grand front yard where I spent my childhood. Am I going to cry? Probably. Oh, this is the rose garden that I buried all my pets. This is where I put the animals in my freezer. They just had to be buried with the rest.

That's my bro.

Evan and I drove up to Rancho Cucamonga to visit my momma, Jenny and Faith. While I was there, we looked through some old albums to find pictures of the house to take with us on Sunday. While browsing through the stacks of photo albums (God bless my mom for being so organized and stuff) I found some gems. Here are some of my school pictures. Look at those teeth.

Creepy Olan Mills floating head!

Yikes! Thank the Lord for braces. Oh, the braces phase. I had the full metal jacket going on in my mouth in 8th grade. That, along with puberty, along with a grown out perm that my mom gave me, created this masterpiece. Worst pic of me ever.

That is the color of my hair under all this bleach. haha.

I love these pics of me, Jenny and Erik.

I'm having this picture made into a canvas.

My daddy...

The house on Sparr is where we released some of his ashes. He put blood, sweat and tears into that house and yard. Literally. Oh gosh, I'm going to be a mess on Sunday. So is my mom and Jenny. Evan has never seen the house. Faith was just born when my mom sold it. Would it be interesting at all to go Facebook Live with the tour? Instagram Live or no? Hmm..

On Thursday, I had a TV commercial shoot. It's for La Jolla Cosmetic. Linda so graciously did my makeup and hair and even came with me to touch me up in between takes. The red dress I'm wearing came from a pile of clothes I picked up from a woman on Buy Nothing. It fit perfectly. I had to wear two bras because it kind of accentuated my flatness. Linda says that's a trick that brides use all the time, double bras, who knew?

I bought the shoes for $12 from a lady in Tulsa. Offer Up.

Gosh, I love this kind of stuff. The video team could not have been nicer. The commercial is supposed to start running on various channels in May. Here's what Linda had to doll up...this plain face with dots for eyes.

And, after!

While the makeup was being applied, this was going on in the corner. Why does he love my bras so much?

That's all for now, Diary. Cannot wait to check in with you next week.

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