The Grossest Thing EVER!

Dear Diary,

I write to you sitting at my hotel room desk dreading the fact that I have to return home to pack up my kitchen and my whole downstairs, basically. I went to the house yesterday to get some things for Evan and Elvis when I came across the gnarliest thing I've seen in awhile. There, in my one working bathroom, are mushrooms growing out of the wall. These shrooms were not there a few days ago. These suckers just popped up overnight. This is so gross. Sure you wanna see? Here goes...

Omg I may puke. Looks like the guys who went in to inspect it knocked some paint off the walls and it's all black underneath. The mold is everywhere. I will definitely wear my mask and I will not bring the dog when I return. That's all I need is for him to develop breathing problems. My lungs will just have to suck it up. I feel like bugs are crawling all over me when I look at that picture. We've been living in mushroom-prone conditions for God knows how long. I'm just super grateful for this hotel room right now. Antonio has come to his senses and is now sleeping here, too.

In other, better news, Evan got confirmed in the Catholic church on Saturday. This is mainly the doing of the other household. I was baptized Catholic but I never had a First Communion or anything. So proud of that girl.

Downtown hotel living has been fun and it's been a pain...both. It feels super cool to be on the 16th floor overlooking the bay and downtown. We have plenty of room for Evan to study and for Antonio to stay. I feel clean being here. It's only a pain because we have to park in a garage and take and elevator to another elevator, but if that's my biggest complaint, I'm pretty darn good. Oh, and I don't have TLC on the TVs here. I am kind of dying a slow death because I haven't had my 90 Day fix in awhile.

Elvis loves running down the long hallways. I'm sure my neighbors love it, too. Here's my boy after being groomed last week. He's so fluffy and soft.

My dog has resting bitch face. Since he cannot make any other real expressions, it just looks like he is not amused most of the time. But, I swear he smiles every once in awhile.

Do you like my new hat? Since I'm downtown, I feel like I have to step up my fashion game!

Oh, two more things...make that three. Did you know that I'm on Star 94.1 on the weekends? I think you do, but just wanted to remind you. haha. This is from this weekend. 12am-5am Sat and Sun morning and then Sat and Sun nights!

Here's me buying a scratcher. Antonio thinks it's funny.

I binge-watched Behind her Eyes on Netflix. Weird with a whacko ending you never see coming. And, I am about done binging Bridgerton. Dang, so much sex! I remember my daughter telling me it was soooo good. Now when I see it, I cringe, ya know? And, someone gave me an old Kindle (Buy Nothing...oh yah.) Do you have any reading suggestions?

Ok, that's about all, Diary. I'll check in with you next week. Hopefully, my house hasn't imploded by then! And, here's a link to our podcast!

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