Middle-Aged California Women Are Drinking More Now Than In Their Youth

A recent survey revealed that 1 in 5 California women over the age of 50 are drinking more now than they did in their 20s and 30s.

Recovery.org, a provider of addiction recovery treatment resources, surveyed 3,160 women above the age of 50.

While the pandemic has played a significant role in these statistics (the poll found that 19% of women say they have started drinking more alcohol since the the start of the pandemic compared to before) there are several other factors that were revealed by the poll.

1 in 5 said reality TV shows that celebrate alcohol like the Real Housewives have influenced them to drink more.

In addition, a quarter of women in relationships say they usually drink more alcohol than their partners.

California isn't the only place where middle-aged women are drinking more. Female drinking rates are rising across America.

According to Recovery.org, middle-aged female drinkers in West Virginia are the most likely to drink more now than in their youth.

A separate survey revealed that 19% of Americans were more likely to turn to alcohol in an attempt to alleviate stress compared to pre-pandemic times.

You can find more information on alcohol and drug addiction recovery resources here.

Photo: Getty Images