Mom's Day Messages and Mushroom Update.

Dear Diary,

You know that feeling when you're about to head to the gym but you keep procrastinating until it's too late? Or you know you have to go, but the more you think about it, the more you talk yourself out of it? That's how I feel about writing this. I just don't feel like it, but here I go, so now it's on!

I have two outfits to show you. I got this one at Ross the other day. It looked so cute on the hanger. Do you like it? I've worn it out once but I kinda felt like a "neat neat lady" in it.

This next outfit was free from the shoes to the I got all this stuff from my Buy Nothing hauls (which have died down quite a bit.)

Not the best angle but you get the idea. I wore this to see my friend, Mal Hall, perform in this secret location comedy show. The secret location was this dark, back room off an alley in OB called the F.U.C. House. It had a makeshift wrestlers ring off to the side. Weird. Linda, Lisa and I were the oldest people there by far far far. We just laughed as the pot smoke wafted our way. Mal and his buddies were sure funny, except one guy who bombed pretty hard.

On Saturday night, Antonio and I went to TJ to watch the fight with his son. The place was packed with Canelo fans. When the mariachi band and the flamenco dancers came on before the fight, everyone was screaming and cheering. I was so happy to be there to witness the fun. It was also refreshing to be out in a crowd again. Yes, we wore masks when we got up from the table.

Wanna see something kinda funny? This is a pic from the night Antonio and I got into a huge fight before a party at Rudy's in TJ. You can tell he's annoyed.

I'm all bundled up because it was freezing up in there.

Sunday was the best. I felt the Mother's Day love BIGTIME. Evan got me a few cute little gifts, like fake eyelashes and stuff, and a beautifully written card. I laughed out loud when I read this:

"You make all the other moms look like dweebs. You're the mom all of my friends talk about since you're so cool. They say 'I wish I had your mom' or 'I wish I had that relationship' or 'I'd bang your mom."

Just precious.

Charlie called and then sent me a $50 Target gift card. The boy knows me well. In the afternoon, we met mom, Jenny and Faith at Rosas in Temecula. We then walked around Old Town Temecula for a little while. Here are some pics.

What really got me was this message from Chip, Charlie's elementary school friend, who used to live across the street. The one with two dads. Remember him? Well, he has swept back into my life lately and look...

I'm ded.

Today, I bought myself a massage, a spray tan and a vitamin B shot on Groupon. So cheap! So, that'll be the theme this week...Self Care Week.

The progress report on the home front is good. Mushrooms are dead, sharpie marks and blue tape on the walls and this is what my living room and kitchen look like.

Hopefully, they replace the floors and the granite in the kitchen because it looks so gross! That's where the leak is so maybe it'll have to be torn down. On the wall in the bathroom it says "Full Gut." Brand new guest bathroom coming our way!

One final thing. Last night, Antonio and I were watching the movie "My Octopus Teacher" on Netflix (OMG fascinating and superb) when Antonio says "in the morning, I think I'll heat up that coffee you brought me because we don't have any coffee. I said, "Watch this."

I proceeded to pick up the phone next to the bed and called Guest Services. "Hello, this is Laura. We need coffee, lotion and towels in room blah, blah, blah." Within minutes, it arrives. Magic. Use it while we can, right? Hotel living has been so fun so far, but we are only two weeks in, so I'll check back with you next week!

See you then, Diary.

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