Goat Butts and Backyards

Dear Diary,

We (Laura Cain After Dark and Co.) did Goat Yoga on Saturday and it was a blast! It is simply yoga with goats roaming on and around the mats. Half the time I would find myself in a pose looking at this...

Haha. Lots of laughter during our yoga class, that's for sure. My podcast, Laura Cain After Dark, sponsored the event. Jesse, Tati and Shelly from Star 941 joined us, too. Here are some pics...

A special shout out to Linda Zirkus, who created awesome goody bags, including mats! She even made Laura Cain After Dark waters. Just first class all the way. The woman who runs Goatoga made us all bracelets with goat poop beads. We missed our Erik, though. He had to work.

After the yoga class, my friend Maggie, sprung this on me "We are doing a photo shoot right now." I was in. She pulled out a dress and a top and told me to get up on a rock. I love impromptu stuff like this! Here's how they turned out. I almost busted my butt crawling down and onto the rock.

After that I went to check in on the house. It's all jacked up right now. The sink is in the living room, our fridge is next to the water heater. Turns out they are not replacing anything, just scraping out the mold and putting everything back. I'm a little disappointed because I thought I was going to get an all new kitchen and bathroom. It's all good, tho. We even went to the house last night to have a fire in the fire pit. After a half hour, I just wanted to go back to the hotel because I feel more comfortable there. I could easily live here for six months. This is the current state of my home.

Back to the hotel... Evan just loves it. We haven't had any time to walk around and explore because she has been dealing with loads and loads of homework. I can't believe the things she's able to conquer. She has taken on a lot. But, look, she won the honor of placing a patch on the magical theater coat. It's awarded to one student who shows the most dedication during a production. She won for "Now.Here.This." See if you can find her patch.

We took a moment to step outside onto the fifth floor bar to look at the view yesterday. This is basically our back yard for the next few weeks. How lucky am I?

Elvis digs it, too.

Oh, I watched a crazy movie on Netflix Friday night. It's called The Woman In The Window. As it was going along, I thought to myself "I've read this before." It was a great adaptation of the book...super dark and moody and mysterious. I put out a post on FB the other day asking for Netflix recommendations. So far, I've tried Selena (good, the girl is good, but sometimes it's kinda cheesy), Kingdom (I watched a half an episode and I was out), The Woods (Can't get past the dubbed voices) and now I'm on The Stranger. I really like this one. Right up my alley!

That's about all, Diary. Elvis has his first day of dog school on Weds. I'll let you know how that goes. After he pooped in Share Tea the other day, I have to do something!

See you later, Diary.

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