It's Just A Number, Right??

Dear Diary,

When I turned 49, I was hell bent on never revealing my age again. 50 seemed like the oldest friggin age in the world at the time. I felt like people would judge me, would pass me up for jobs, would pass me up for dates, would look at me differently. I have since retracted all those thoughts. F it. Who even cares. Someone else's perception of what a 53 year old woman looks and acts like is no longer my concern. I feel great. With the help of numerous syringes of wrinkle reducing serum, I'm good to go. I have actually never felt better. Sure, I'm stressed all the time, but who isn't? I haven't worked out in awhile, but my body seems to be holding up. Nothing is really saggy or stretched out. I have a few age spots that rear their ugly heads when I apply fake tanner, but lasers can abolish those. I have 53 years of a life lived to the fullest. I'm so lucky. My kids, my sobriety, my friends, my family, my job...all of these things fulfill me. So I am screaming out to the world with the slightest bit of hesitation still....I am 53 years old and I can kiiiiick and streeeeetch. haha.

My birthday weekend was super fun. We went to Tijuana on Saturday. Antonio bought me a massage, which was incredible. The massage therapist spoke zero English but I kinda understood what she was telling me. My body isn't aligned at the moment. One leg is longer than the other and my back is very tight. Yep. Here's the nice set up.

She set up in the bar area of Antonio's former living space, hence the Bud sign in the back. That night, we went to a place called the Swiss Bar downtown TJ. It was a blast. Rudy, Brandon, Laura, Marco and his parents all came to with me a happy birthday.

For some odd reason there was a giant metal thumb in the bar. Obviously I had to pose with it.

Antonio also bought me a $30 Scratcher, which I had to scratch at the table immediately. I won $250! Nice present, Antonio! I bought a GoPro to video my podcast. I am having a bit of trouble navigating this thing, but hopefully it'll be useful.

On Sunday, my mom, sis and niece came down to help me celebrate. This is at the bar at the hotel we are living in. Pretty nice, huh?

Erik and Adrian came that night to party with all of us in the hotel room! I love them so much.

Antonio needed an elevator selfie seeing as we spend a heck of a lot of time in the elevator these days going from the 16th floor to the 1st and back again.

I love that photo. Speaking of the elevator and the hotel, last week at 4:25 in the morning a loud alarm went off with a man saying "Leave the hotel immediately and do not use the elevator, leave the hotel immediately and do not use the elevator.." over and over again. I grabbed my purse, we grabbed Elvis and walked down 16 flights of stairs at 4:30 in the morning in our PJs. A group of bewildered hotel guests all disheveled in their attractive bed-time attire gathered outside. No one told us what to do so we all just lined up and got on the elevators and went back to bed. Turns out, someone lit a cigarette or a joint on the 16th floor and set off the alarm. Lame. We sure smelled something when we returned to our room. Someone was having a helluva pot party.

Look at my sweet boy in his collar and tie. I bought this on Shein. They have some really cute and cheap dog stuff.

Here are some pics of me and my guy.

This pic was taken at Kansas City BBQ. We walked there this weekend. Funky place.

Should I use this as my new FB profile pic? I had Evan take some photos for something I needed to post the other day. This was taken in my car in the Target parking lot. I think it shows my personality somewhat. What do you think?

Or one of these...or none of these. I just haven't changed my profile pic in years.

Finally, two cool things happened at work. First, when I went in on Friday night to do stuff on Star 941, someone very special popped into the studio. Look! I will always have great love for this human being, Little Tommy.

Second, look at the sign in the hallway of our building! So very happy to see this.

Just in case you didn't know, I'm on Star 941 on Saturday mornings 12am-5am, Saturday nights from 7pm-12am, Sunday morning and Sunday night. Star 941 will always feel like home to me. That studio holds very special memories.

See you later, Diary, Oh, here is a link to my podcast.

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