What Does This Morning's Viral Video Mean?

Yes, Tati reposted Tik Tok user @bakedlikepie 's now viral video. But what does it mean and why was Mystikal tied to it?

This morning Mystikal was trending and it frightened fans of the artist, Mystikal. Thankfully, when watching the video of a woman fighting off a bear attacking her dogs while standing on a wall in her backyard it was a Mystikal freestyle that was referenced to said video by a Twitter user that explains the ingredients put into this morning's viral video!

Mystikal said, "if you ever see me fighting in the forest with a grizzly bear, HELP THE BEAR!"

We find out through the original post that Brenda's cousin, Hailey, is the woman in video who saved her dogs.

Let COMPLEX explain!

Here is the Mystikal freestyle.

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