Who You Need To Know In San Diego Episode 9

Shaun Manning is more than a Basketball Coach, he is a Life Coach. Despite adverse challenges he continues to evolve and inspires many. Shaun is a 23 year kidney transplant survivor ... this year come Sept 3rd will be year 24. This is how Tati was introduced to him by way of JoAnn Fields. When Shaun first met Joann, she asked what made his organization different from others ... He stated it is his ministry and this is SO true! 

He is the founder of the GroundUp Youth Foundation whose mission is to build a strong foundation from the GroundUp in Life, Academics and Basketball to prepare for life after basketball (LAB). 

He is also co-founder of the Annual San Diego Dr Martin Luther King Jr Community Festival, Sportsfest & Parade in Southeastern San Diego. 

He has trained many generations of basketball players that have become successful NBA, college and overseas professionals. He has taught and coached life skills to many...

The TESTimony he is about to share with us is a life lesson to be appreciated by all... 

It is so important to remember to give Manning his roses and doing so by letting people in San Diego know he continues to hold a basketball record a Grossmont College, and is also part of the success (trained) of NBA 1st round draft pick, Deandre Ayton, here in San Diego. Manning wouldn't tell you that because of his humble nature, but he has also helped many basketball players who may not have made it into the NBA, but many have transferred their life skills to become successful professionals. 

Including Grammy nominated song writer Darius Logan (Blaq Tuxedo).

Connect with Shaun Manning via Ground Up

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