Jesse's Texting Hack Helps You Schedule Text Messges

Jesse found a HACK that allows you schedule texts messages in your iPhone and Tati was a little weirded out at the thought. Do you find yourself needing to send a text and forget to? This can help...

Still, texting "I love you" should be in the moment, right? Would you be upset if you knew your special someone set their LOVE tests?

One Tik Tok user pointed out, "All fun and games until you forget to to turn off automation".

Here are the steps to automate text:

  1. Go to "All Shortcuts",
  2. then on "Automation",
  3. hit the "+"
  4. then hit "create personal automation"
  5. then pick "time of day", then "NEXT"
  6. Search "messages", pick person you want to send message to and enter contact
  7. then type the message you want to send
  8. last, turn of ask before sending and voila!

You've gone AUTO PILOT! Still confused, watch the video over and over again. Have fun!

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