What, Exactly, Am I Doing?

Dear Diary,

Before I spill the tea about my crazy weekend, I wanted to tell you about my Fourth of July. The hotel we're staying in threw a giant party on the Fifth Floor, in the bar area which overlooks the bay on the Embarcadero side. The cost to get in was $85 per person but included the most prime fireworks watching spot and a huge buffet. I think drinks, too. I met the GM the other day and I offered to make a little video of the event for her if i could just go in and see it! Well, she invited me and Evan to the party, even though Evan wasn't with me. I was allowed in before the crowd to take pics and videos. I feel like I work here! Looking out over the bay, the Midway, the Star of India, just made me so grateful to be in that moment. I was so appreciative of my freedom and my present state of being. We truly are lucky to live here in SD. There's nowhere else quite like it. Here's the video I made.

That night, Evan, Claudia (Evan's step-mom), Sofia and I sat on the grass outside the hotel and watched the Big Bay Boom. I was so proud that our station Star 941 was the soundtrack to the big show. It felt good sitting with someone that I used to not get along with. Back in the day, I couldn't even hear her name and she couldn't hear mine or we'd flip. That kind of thing. Now, it's all good. Everyone and everything deserves a second chance, I believe.

Now, on the crazy rest of my weekend. I went down to Mexico with Antonio. I know, I know, WHAT? I have forgiven him for the disrespectful actions he took as far as our relationship goes. That said, we are done as boyfriend and girlfriend. DUNZO. He cannot touch me or do anything else for that matter. What I will give him is my friendship...at a bit of an emotional and physical distance. Like I said, everyone deserves a second chance. He's getting his by me accepting his friendship. He took me down to Mexico so I could buy some tiles and a fountain that I turned around and sold within hours, Look how cool? The water runs down his face.

I'm getting another one to keep. I also bought these chairs. They're called Acapulco chairs and these were made by a guy who's from Acapulco. haha. I LOVE them. I am pretty sure I am addicted to chairs, of all things.

I also may or may not have paid a visit to an old flame. And, I may see another one today! I'll leave it at that. I've decided that I am going to deal with a handful of men this time around. Why not? Something new.

So, for Evan's birthday, remember I told you I bought Groupons for hair and headshots? Well, the headshots came back and I have no idea how we are going to choose. They are so good! Which ones do you like? (and these are just a few of them.)

Help! How am I going to choose? She did such a good job. Her name is Chelsea V Photography.

Finally, I made a little video of me and Elvis on our daily walk. First, here he is in his Fourth of July outfit that he hated so much, he stayed in that position for 30 minutes until I took it off of him. We never even got outside.

See you next week, Diary! Oh, and here's a link to my podcast:)

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