Stuck In Limbo

Dear Diary,

It's been almost 3 months since we moved out of our little duplex in Hillcrest to this hotel downtown. While it has been awesome staying here, I kinda feel unsettled. Probably because I am! I was telling Charlie how it was such a pain having to go from hotel to house back to hotel every day and he said something profound...

"Mom, now you know how Evan and I feel." Dude. That got me. He's right. They are the children of divorced parents. I have a new understanding of my children.

That said, I wanna go home. But, look at my home in it's current state. Here's the living room.

Love the toilet. This is my kitchen...

And this is my downstairs bathroom...

Now, seriously, what has taken so G*&%$mn long to finish this thing? Now they have us here at the hotel until mid August. Linda and Erik say they can't imagine me not living in this hotel now. Evan says she wants to live here forever. She's had various friends come stay in her room with the extra bed. It has been so fun for her because of the pool and the downtown vibe. This truly makes me wanna live downtown again. I used to live on Market street in a loft. It was the most fun I had before kids. I just love the energy down here! Maybe that needs to be on my dream board or something.

For right now, however, I am happy living in Hillcrest. Hopefully, we'll be living there again soon.

I'm dreading the day we have to move all of our crap out of this hotel room. Let me just put it this way...they are going to need a good two days to get this room ready for the next guest! It's pretty lived in already. haha.

On another note, Elvis gets snipped today. I'm sad that he has to go through that, but it has to be done. Here is a little video I made about my sweet lil boy. I love him so...

Someone sent me this funny cartoon. I believe this person has a distorted view of what my body looks like. haha. Maybe it's the body this person WISHES I had. In any case, I thought it was cute and fun. A neat little promo for my podcast. (Link below:))

Speaking of the podcast, Linda, Erik and I went to a party together this weekend. It was at Jodie's house. We met our friend Penny there. A few men talked to me, like they wanted to get to know me kind of talking. I am just straight up not interested. I'm not pining for Antonio. The only thing I miss is the companionship, Otherwise, I'm fine. I may see the 43-year-old (who's now 45) this week! I'm nervous. Anyway, I got up and sang karaoke at the party. I picked the dumbest song, but it got the audience going...Oops, I Did It honor of the Free Britney movement. Here are some pics from the night.

Finally, I tried on some fun dresses for a project I'm working on. Which one do you like? (I didn't include three of them because they looked hideous on me!)

And no, I'm not wearing cream-colored stockings...those are my white legs. Gotta slap on that tanner today!

And, finally, I love this song! It's my summer theme.

See you later, Diary.

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