Here Are The New Requirements For Getting California Unemployment Benefits

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Big changes have affected California's unemployment benefits now that the state is reopened.

Pandemic-era rules have now changed and went into effect in July.

Now, if you receive unemployment benefits you have to show that you are looking for work. This requirement was waived throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

To prove you are looking for work, recipients can create an account on the CalJOBS website director of the Employment Development Department (EDD) Rita Saenz told the Union-Tribune.

The department released a statement detailing the new changes:

EDD will be sending notices to claimants in the coming weeks about any requirements on their specific claims. Individuals starting new claims on or after July 11 will also be notified by mail that they must register on CalJOBS — the largest job board in California. Examples of reasonable efforts to search for suitable work each week include activities such as:
Prepare for Job Searches — Set up an account on CalJOBS, participate in reemployment services, post a profile on various job search or networking sites.
Expand Networks — Let friends, prior employers, or community members know you are looking for work. Participate in networking, job fair events or clubs.
Apply for Suitable Work — Apply for positions with employers reasonably expected to have suitable openings matching skills and experience, including
government jobs and exams.
Participate in Training — Engage in permissible education and training opportunities that assist in obtaining employment and do not interfere with an ability to accept suitable full-time work.

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